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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, May 2012, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Monday) 

Question: You have mentioned the two important qualities of a guru – to have divine knowledge and faith. Why it is not mentioned here that he has to be a member of a lineage?

Swami Tirtha: Because it is mentioned in another place. We cannot mention everything in one place. It’s very simple.

And actually the qualities of a guru – it’s a very long list. There are many gurus. Like Shanda and Amarka – belonging to the bramin caste, yet being in educational service of the asura race and they are specialized in politics. They are teachers, and they should be respected. All the teachers should be respected – this is point number one. If you give proper respect to everyone according to their position, you will not commit any mistake. This should be the basic principle – respect everyone according to their status.

But as Shanda and Amarka are the servants of their father and master, Shukrachariya, and also they are in the service of Hiranyakashipu, they are not free to teach, they are not free to act. If you eat somebody’s bread, you are committed to that person. Do you understand this? It’s clear? Once I tried to tell this on a lecture. The next day somebody came to me: “How was that, you mentioned something about prasadam yesterday?” So maybe I couldn’t express myself properly. Therefore I ask: “Do you understand what I mean?” For example, you are a young man, you live at home with your parents, you eat their food; and yet you criticize them. Come on, what is that!? Be on your own, eat your own bread – then you will understand what it means. So it’s not nice. If you depend on others and you criticize those on whom you depend, it’s not nice. Because on dharma, karma, tradition, blood, whatever – you depend on them. Then you are not free.

Shanda and Amarka took the bread of their father and teacher Shukrachariya, and he was at the service of Hiranyakashipu, the demon king. That means they were eating his prasadam. What can we learn from them? Therefore these teachers were committed to this dark tendency.

And what about the vaishnava gurus? Whose bread do they eat?

Hayagriva: Krishna’s.

Swami Tirtha: They eat Krishna’s bread, correct. Are they free to act and to speak? No, no. And there is a very special transmission of energy by food. Some energy is transmitted to you from the person who cooks or whose bread you eat. Some qualities will come to the eater. And this is proven. Once a devotee was somehow in a very bitter mood – sad, a little angry, somehow in a very bad temper. And she was cooking. And believe me, the food was bitter. It was bitter! So be very careful if you cook to have a very positive, very happy and very jolly mood, very dedicated mood to our Lord. Then the food that you prepare will not be only sweet, but divine. And all those who will take this food will also dance in ecstasy.

(to be continued)



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