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(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 02.05.2018, Rila) 

(continues from the previous Monday)

The debate – whether you perceive the supreme reality like a constant energy flow or you see the personal beauty of that superior reality – it depends on your taste, on your approach. And this taste is very important here. Spiritual practice in general is just like an invitation for supper. Because the supper is ready.

Devotees… well, they live in eternity, therefore their time management is a little flexible. So all the yogis, all the gyanis, all the other spiritualists and everybody is invited; devotees are also invited for this supper. The time frame is set – the supper will be served – although this is a self-service, but – the supper will be served on the table at six o’clock.

The gyanis, who are very punctual and very well-educated, come on time. And which part of the cake will they take? They will take sat – divine existence. ‘Yes! This is what we are searching for! Eternal life – this is for us! We overcame death, we are satisfied.’

The next group is the yogis, coming a little late, because they were engaged in their meditations. And you know, if you are absorbed in your meditation, sometimes it’s difficult to break it, to regain your consciousness to join the daily activities. So they are coming and they take another piece of the cake. They were searching for enlightenment – to see the divine presence in their hearts, to perceive Paramatma in their heart. ‘The top level of enlightened consciousness – chit – this is for us!’

So, gyanis returned satisfied: ‘We have sat, this was our ambition.’ Yogis return with another piece of cake – chit: ‘Yes, this was our goal, we have reached it!’ And finally, after seven o’clock, the devotees also arrive. Because ‘I had to chant my rounds and I had to clean the temple and make the garland and also I had to discuss something very important with the others…’ So they are late. Which piece of the cake is left on the table? Sat is taken – eternal life is gone. Chit is gone – enlightenment is already taken. What is left? Only some remnants of this Last supper – anandam. ‘All right, let’s take this. Let them be happy with eternal life. Let others be happy with this full and enlightened consciousness. We are satisfied with the last morsels of this supper – anandam.’ And this is the nectar!

Therefore Krishna tricks the yogis and the gyanis with some insignificant things in order to satisfy His late devotees. Eternal life – come on, what is that compared to anandam?! Nothing! So, even if you come late, you will not miss anything. Because if you are a real devotee in your lifetime, God is with you, Krishna is with you. And if you die, you are with Him. So what is lost? Nothing. But for that we need to qualify to be a real one.

So, philosophy is our vedanta, theology is our siddhanta and our piece of the cake is anandam.

(to be continued)

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 02.05.2018, Rila)

(continues from the previous Monday)

Now we can go to our next topic – theology. With philosophy we tried to figure it out: what it is, how it is…? Theology should tell us: who is this? So, the main question of theology is whether this superior reality is personal or impersonal. Because theoretically we can agree even with a disbeliever that ‘there is something behind’. But can you specify it? Then it starts to be more interesting.

One main opinion says that you cannot specify the divine. Because this is beyond all your conceptions, beyond your understanding, etc. etc. Not this, not that, you cannot understand it, you cannot see it, you cannot name it, you cannot catch it, you cannot talk to it, you cannot approach it, you cannot do anything about it. So, we can conclude that divine truth is impersonal.

All right, we can agree on this point. Truth is truth. But as we discussed before, this is only the second grade of experience. The first is that there is something beyond – this is the first step. The second is that this is the truth, like consciousness – so there is some superior consciousness there. But this is not the ultimate word in spirituality, because bliss, anandam, is beyond. Ecstasy is beyond the truth. Therefore we can say that all right, if truth is impersonal, then love is necessarily personal. Without personality what kind of love is there? It’s a mere theory! Once somebody told me: “When I reach enlightenment, I will become love.’ And I said: “And then? What’s next? What you are going to do?” This very strong philosophy was valid only until a beautiful young lady appeared. Then our young friend immediately understood that the story is a little different.

For love – even on the human platform, what to speak of the divine, spiritual platform – you need partners. This superior truth, this superior level of existence – how can you name it? There’s no way, because this is beyond experience, beyond our human imagination, all right. But how can you not name a compassionate loving God?! There is no other way to approach Him, only by – well, I don’t say ‘giving Him a name’, but by finding His identity; the name is an identity. So, the name presupposes divine love and divine love presupposes the name.

This is our philosophy – the holy name. This is our theology – the holy name. You can say: this is our vedanta. Vedanta – the end, the crown of our knowledge – is that something exists. And our siddhanta is that it’s Him. So, philosophy will tell us that there is something and theology will teach us who that is.

What is important here? That the Supreme is not limited in any way to show Himself, irrespective of the limitations of human beings. And the debate whether you perceive the supreme reality like a constant energy flow or you see the personal beauty of that superior reality – it depends on your taste, on your approach.

(to be continued)

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 02.05.2018, Rila)

(continues from the previous Monday)

If we accept that there is something beyond the daily experience, with all due rights and respect we can call it ‘divine’ or ‘God’. But there is a little distance between the humans and the divine. Just a little. It’s a huge gap for us, it’s only one step for Him.

Then the next question of philosophy is whether this superior, higher existence – if we don’t specify it as a loving and compassionate God – if this superior reality can show itself to the limited human experience or not? Because if we are left alone only with our experience, only with our brain, I’m not sure that these are the best instruments to inquire about something higher. Shrila Shridhara Maharaj explains that the human consciousness is like a torchlight. If you are in a forest and you use your torch very closely to show the path in front of your steps, then you can see clearly. If you use your torch straight ahead in front of you, you see something, but not very far. And if you use it upwards, you see nothing. So this is the human consciousness as an instrument of inquiries. If you have something that you can observe – all right, you can understand something; if you want to find your immediate future, maybe you can guess it; but if you want to understand something higher, it’s just impossible, you don’t see it.

So, beyond human capacities, beyond human instruments – like perception or consciousness – we need something extraordinary, we need something superhuman. This is what we discussed before – your scope, your radius, how far you can reach. It’s very simple: with a small radius you don’t go too far; the bigger your radius is, the further you reach.

Fortunately, our teachers tell us that although the human is limited, the divine is not limited. There is no obstacle for Him to show Himself – even to the blind.

(to be continued)

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 02.05.2018, Rila) 

(continues from the previous Monday)

We came here together in the name of God. But here two major problems arise. One is philosophical and the other is theological. Which one should we discuss first? All right, later some nectar will also come, but first let us take the bitter pills. So, theology or philosophy first? All right, philosophy, because we have to start from a distance, right? And philosophy is very theoretical.

One major problem of philosophy is whether human beings can touch transcendence or not. Is there anything beyond us, beyond our conception, beyond our perception? Do you see the grandeur, the depth of this problem? The starting point of philosophy is that we have to analyze, we have to try to understand: what is this that we perceive? Is there anything beyond what I see with my eyes? And if there is something beyond, how can I touch it, how can I come close to it?

Basically, there are two explanations for this problem. Because this means we have to find the starting point. The spring – where everything comes from, the source of everything that exists. It’s very important to find this. This is the first and this is the last – the first source and the ultimate goal.

What happens if you swim against the current? You get tired, right, it’s more difficult. But ultimately you will find the source. So don’t always go with the current. If you go with the current, you will end up in the drain. Go the opposite direction, where you will find the source.

So, there are two main explanations about the source. One is that in the beginning there was nothing. The other explanation: there was something in the beginning. Do you see the difference? Only а few words, but it’s a huge difference, my dears! Because if everything comes from nothing, then everything will return to nothing. That’s a disaster! Then why did we start all this game – in order to return to nothing?! There’s no brain behind this! I prefer the source as something.

Therefore we can put it very simply that existence exists. It’s very important! There is something at the beginning. And what do we perceive now in ourselves like a self-reflection? Existence, life – this is what you experience. Then this very simple sentence ‘Life comes from life’ has got a meaning. If we perceive life now, it’s got a beginning – life was there and from life everything started. What is our instrument to experience life? This is our consciousness. Then the second sentence will also have a deep meaning: ‘Consciousness comes from consciousness’. Individual consciousness comes from divine consciousness. Simple existence is not enough, right? The stones exist. The cucumber exists. It’s not very high; tasty, but not very high. So, existence needs consciousness. Without consciousness there is no self-reflection; existence cannot understand itself, cannot reflect on itself, there is a necessity for consciousness. So we can say that the top experience, the peak experience of existence is consciousness. And what is the peak experience of consciousness? This is what we are searching for – the inner satisfaction, the happiness, bliss. And if there is a positive beginning, then the next sentence: ‘Love comes from love’ has a deep meaning.

Life comes from life, consciousness comes from consciousness, love comes from love. 

(to be continued)

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 02.05.2018, Rila) 

First of all, I have to express my gratitude to the organizers of this Mela. It is you, you all. Because we work on the individual and on the society platform as well. Without the one, the other part doesn’t happen. We are all individuals, taking part in a very important practice and this is sadhu-sanga. To meditate at home alone – it’s good; to chant the holy name alone at home is good. The upgrade of the individual meditation is joint meditation; if we chant the holy names together – it’s better. The more people come together in the name of God, in the service of the Supreme, the better it is. But to chant aloud is even better. This is called bhajan. And what is the upgrade of bhajan? Kirtan. In this way we reach some very high platform of intensity, when we can forget about ourselves. It’s so difficult otherwise.

Theoretically we all agree on this point. But to really perceive that, to really expose ourselves to that experience – when finally you forget about your identity, ambitions, whatever… and you simply go with the flow of divine happiness – this is а very rare, blessed moment.

Therefore I have to express my gratitude to all of you who made this meeting possible. And not only those who are sitting here around, but to all the great saints and small saints from the previous times. Because we’re always remembering the great saints, but nobody discusses the small saints. Yet without the small saints, the great saints cannot function. Without the thousands of practitioners, the great ones cannot spread their own wings. We need very exceptional, unique, great stalwarts, and we need the very simple practitioners – both. The one and the many.

So, I express my gratitude, and I think our gratitude, to all the predecessors, who were practicing, who were teaching, who were receiving the teachings, etc., etc. On the external platform we can say that they are not with us anymore. But the holy name unites. So they are definitely sitting here with us. And I have to express our gratitude to the future practitioners, the future saints; we might say that they are not with us yet. Yet I feel that in their seed form they are here with us. In their potential they are here with us. So it is not only 30-50 people sitting here in this room. Dozens and hundreds and thousands and unlimited numbers are associating with us and with the holy name right now.

How many times do you read in the Chaitanya Charitamrita that when Mahaprabhu was walking, thousands were following Him. And they were taking the dust of the feet of Mahaprabhu so much, that they excavated the soil of the road and big holes manifested. Who knows how it happened?! Maybe for the physical eye there were only a few people around. But for the spiritual eye there were the majority of the souls in this universe – thousands and millions of followers.

So, it’s only a question of your vision how many souls you perceive in this room – a few or a lot. But anyway, we have to express our gratitude to all of them. We are the sons and daughters of our spiritual fathers and mothers, in order to become the spiritual fathers and mothers of our following sons and daughters. Please, try to take it to your heart! The only reason why we are here is because we are followers of someone; and we have to be here so intensely and so purely that others can take your example as well. In this way we don’t live only in the present moment, but we live in eternity. This is one way to overcome death – this fearful, frightening enemy. If you remember the predecessors and if you pray for the future generations, you are safe. Then you are part of a grand procession, where everybody comes together in the name of God and for the glorification of the Supreme.

(to be continued)

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 03.05.2018, arrival) 

(continues from the previous Monday)

Question of Paramananda: When we are in the company of persons who have a big radius, we start to see part of their perspective. And when we are not in their company, we are back to our small sonar. How to cope with this problem?

Swami Tirtha: Don’t go home. What can I say? Are we so stupid to put the load back on our shoulders again, and again, and again through lifetimes? This is what happens, right? Therefore spiritual life is a very challenging process. Because we know that with a half-solution we shall be never satisfied. We all know that. Nevertheless, at the end of the lecture we go home. Better after prasadam.

But then what to do? We cannot provide a place for a hundred people here in this room. So either you stay in the temple, or you create your own temple. Therefore I say, this is very challenging. You have to find your own source of radiation. That means realization. We cannot always live on the back of others. You have to find your own resources. We know that everything is descending – it’s not that I have to accumulate. But don’t waste. This is our duty – don’t waste. Whatever you have been given, try to preserve that and make it grow. Don’t forget to push your limits. That means we have to become very qualified. So that even if this glorious star of the eastern horizon leaves us, we always stay with this star. And I think that this is possible.

Yes, because it’s not only us who have a radius. They, the great ones – they also have a radius. And if they make one step towards you, then you start to be inside their scope. Krishna also has got a radius. I think it’s unlimited. But even if Krishna’s radius is limited, there is someone whose radius is not. So it doesn’t concern only us, that we have to expand our radius; they have already extended their radius towards us.

To put it short: chant the holy names. Always stay in the light.

Comment of Dinabandhu Prabhu: It is said that if you make one step towards God, the Providence will also make her steps. The last time Paramananda Prabhu suggested to me to make more cheese, so I took it to heart. I was working two days, day and night, to produce the cheese. And then when we started the journey, Gurudev said: “Hey, wait a minute, if at the borders they will not allow your cheese, then what happens?” So I had the chance to chant the holy name very intensely at the borders. And finally the cheese arrived.

Swami Tirtha: You see, miracles do happen.

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 03.05.2018, arrival)

(continues from the previous Monday)

What is the ultimate end of our radius? It is the lotus feet of Shri Shri Radha-Govindaji. So, push your limits. But for that we really need to give up our small scale of thinking.

You remember that story of the old lady collecting the firewood. We hardly see such practice now, but it’s good to remember that sometimes people collect small or bigger twigs in order to supply their home with fire, with warmth. So, this lady was also carrying a large pile of firewood over her shoulders and it started to be very heavy. She put the load down to rest for a while and said: “Ah, my God!” But this prayer was so deep and so realized, because it was a really heavy burden, that immediately Narayana came to the place: “You called for Me, I’m here. Tell Me what is your desire, I will fulfill it.” And the lady immediately, without a second thought, said: “Can You help put this load back on my shoulder?” “All right, you get the load back” – God disappears.

Push your limits. Don’t be attached to your twigs. They give a very insignificant heat. You can come in the embrace of God Himself instead! And to help your faith grow, whenever you visit the ashram, He will raise the energy level and you will feel more heat. Just to be ready to throw away your twigs.

Radius – maybe today unknown, but tomorrow this will be your daily bread. Radius means not only circumference, central point, not only scope, but it also means radiation – the light will come to you. Krishna will embrace you. Radius means radiation – this divine vibration that will connect you. We need to have the long waves of vibration – to connect to eternity. And what is the best vibration, the best sound vibration – I think you all know. As we started: if you want to speak the language of your heart and soul, the eternal language, somehow call out for God. Our Mahaprabhu brought the holy name, the maha-mantra. And if we respond to that invitation, then our radiance will also glitter. Jay! Maybe you have something to add or to say?

Question of Krishna Priya: In this story with the old lady and Narayan, He proposed to fulfill her wish and then went away. Why is He not engaged in explaining to her that there is something higher?

Swami Tirtha: Because God sends gurus to teach the people how to throw away the twigs. So, if you listen to the lectures and then you meet God, don’t ask for the load back on your shoulder. He’s got multiple ways to explain things to us. Sometimes by very gentle words, showering His mercy; other times sending us some message or some messenger; sometimes by achievements, other times by failures. We cannot expect that we are always successful. You should expect that you should fail. And then the miracle will happen – somehow you don’t fail. If you expect that you will always win, that’s a very bitter experience – you will lose many times. So it’s better if we expect: ‘Most probably I will fail.’ But then you will see the miracle: mercy is extended to us, you don’t lose the moment. Therefore we need the training, therefore we need the proper information – what to do if we are in such a moment, if we have such a choice.

(to be continued)

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 03.05.2018, arrival) 

(continues from the previous Monday)

So, there is the physical, intellectual radius; and now comes the spiritual radius. Usually our spiritual radius is close to zero – a small circle; and a hazy circle that ‘there might be something’. But we don’t see, because we are blinded by the illusion and we have very little information about what’s beyond. We are not familiar with the grand spiritual prospects. Have you ever thought about your ultimate spiritual prospective? ‘What is my future in eternity?’ Have you ever thought of that?

If you are well-prepared in debating and philosophy, now you would protest: how can you mention future in eternity? There is no future in eternity, only eternity is there – it’s the permanent existence. It the Brahma-samhita it is said that over there, in the spiritual sky, it is permanent eternity, full of bliss, full of happiness – the present moment. Not even a single moment is lost there. This is your spiritual ‘future’ perspective. So please, think of that – it’s great!

Actually if we engage ourselves, if we commit ourselves to our spiritual practices, we commit ourselves to enlarge our circle, our scope. To push our limits. And also to push ourselves to reach these pushed limits. Because the majority of the spiritual truths are beyond our present scope of understanding, respect, appreciation, etc. But fortunately enough, our saints delivered some message about that reality. They are beyond the limits. And they invite you: “Why don’t you join us? Here, beyond your own body, mind and faith boundaries there is something more substantial – why don’t you come?” So physical, mental, faithful limits – push them! Because the majority of reality is beyond your limits. So if you take one step in spiritual life – and if you really reach that next stage – that means you enlarged your radius, you enlarged your scope.

First it might be a little unusual, you might feel a little uneasy. ‘Hey, I start to feel free! So unusual!’ Or ‘What is this happiness here? I’m so much accustomed to my bitter taste.’ You feel uneasy: ‘Something is happening with me. I cannot explain it, but I enjoy it!’

Life, including spiritual life, is not something that you should talk about or think about – no, you should live it! Spiritual life is an experience that you have to try. It’s not enough if we organize 108 symposiums over devotional service. Why don’t you serve…? So, expect the unexpected. One very dear god-brother of mine, he is a very big kirtaniya, he is a fan of kirtans – in the beginning he asked the senior devotees: “What is that strange feeling at the end of the kirtan?” because that was beyond the limits, beyond the scope. Then they said: “Ah, this is ecstasy. Why do you ask about the obvious?” So this is what I mean – enlarge your scope. Make one step for your radius. Then you can expect the unexpected.

So even if we take one little step in our radius, we shall experience very substantial results, feedback. Just imagine the next steps! The further you go, the bigger the radius becomes, the bigger the scope becomes. First we see only a very small portion of the spiritual reality. But if you start to make your radius bigger, with longer waves – then you will see and perceive and reach incredibly greater experience of spiritual reality.

(to be continued)

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 03.05.2018, arrival)

It is a pleasure to be here with you. While traveling here, I was wondering what topic to discuss. Then somebody suggested to me: “Just say ‘Hare Krishna to all!’ and everybody is happy. So basically, this is my message today. And I think this is my message for the upcoming days. If you want to find your spiritual perspective, just chant the holy names of God; and then see what will happen. We cannot make a demo version of your purification. And we cannot expect that everything will be flawless and very easy – we cannot promise that. Nevertheless, if we touch this language of the heart, some miracles we can expect. If we have the intensity of the call, we will never be left alone. Usually we all want proof. Correct? ‘I will accept if I see, I will believe if I see.’ But actually this works the other way around – if you believe, then you will be able to see. So this is our proof. It’s not necessary to believe blindly whatever you hear in the lectures. But try to check for yourself, try to see if it works or not.

Shall I share one definite proof with you, which you can experience today? Actually –which you are experiencing right now. Yes or no? Because I don’t want to force my truths upon you, so you have to agree. The elevation of the energy level – this is definite proof. It’s not that the hall is without AC. No, this is the raising of the energy level. You feel more heat. If we examine the material reasons, you might find a lot. But they are only very weak and very faraway representations or emanations of the original truth. If you are connected to a very high level of existence and reality, then something will change around you. You will start to feel that something wants to explode inside. Therefore it is said: ‘Don’t associate with sadhus, because your mind-set will explode.’ It’s risky! For example, Gurudev’s emanation was so strong that from the bus station I could feel whether he is at home or not. Very strong! Or you can have some other mystic experience if you associate with the divine truth. So, this is one proof that what we are discussing exists, there is something; you have to go deep and search for it for yourself. This is one proof, if you want. You might say ‘something external’, but it’s got some reason why.

But today, after thinking about these proofs, I want to say something about a very simple principle and this is the radius. What does it mean to you – radius?

Palana Shakti: That it affects the nearby people.

Paramananda: That there is a center.

Another: It transmits some message, some news.

Swami Tirtha: The radius is also a kind of scope. This is a very unique shape – the circle – with the smallest circumference and the biggest area. This is due to the radius. And the central point. So, the radius is something that is familiar to you – your radius. For example, your village, your country is your radius; and a little bit further on. To the limit your radius expands you feel at home, you feel comfortable. If you go beyond your radius, you feel a little uneasy – it’s a new place, it’s something strange, something unusual. Of course, people differ in their radius – one has a very small one, the other has a larger radius – but everybody’s got a limit of their radius. And this is not only a physical dimension, because that’s easy to understand – but it’s also true in the spiritual sense. You can apply this principle on the physical platform, it’s easier, and you can experience that. Go to an unknown place, go to a strange country and you don’t know anything – how to buy a bus-ticket and then how to validate your ticket. It’s crazy – little things, but they start to disturb you, make you feel uneasy. Then you accommodate and you will understand.

In the same manner we have an intellectual radius – something that you can understand; and if something is beyond that limit, then it’s very difficult to understand it, very difficult to agree with it even. So not only to understand – because all right, it is complicated – but even to accept that something is beyond. Therefore humans have this inner thirst for broader understanding. This desire to know more is a proof that complete knowledge, full knowledge exists, because otherwise you wouldn’t search for more understanding.

(to be continued)

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 03.10.2017 evening, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Monday)

“The Lord is an autocrat, but He is not heartless. So the devotee who is the lowest – he is the richest. The smallest one, the poorest one is the richest. This is krishna-bhakti! Service is necessary, nothing else. We must find out how to develop that innate tendency, so that our body is made of that stuff and nothing else.”[1]

Hm! A transformation of DNA? This is very popular these days. You can have it.

You remember the different layers of the body structure. First is annamaya-kosha, then pranamaya-kosha, manomaya-kosha, vigyanamaya-kosha and finally anandamaya-kosha. Kosha means “cover, layer’. This is the outer, the farthest layer – we all need to eat and we like to feed the body, right; this is annamaya-kosha. Sometimes we think that this anna-maya is like the maya that we generally know. But this maya and that maya are different. Because the illusion is called maayaa, while this is in short maya; and as a grammatical expansion to the previous part of the word it means ‘to be made of something”. So annamaya means ‘made of food’. This layer over the soul is made of food. Anna is ‘food’. So, how do we start our career in a new life? Search for food: ‘Where is my mother?’ Sweet times – you have no other job, just eating and sleeping. And everybody is happy about that.

Next one is when the life symptoms start to manifest – prana; the senses, sense organs start to function: you open up your eyes, you start to listen, etc. Prana is not only the breath, but also the bodily sensory functions. If we add to eating and seeing some mind – this is manomaya-kosha. In the mind accepting-rejecting will also start. When the baby starts to like something and dislike something. Then the next layer is vigyanamaya-kosha, when the intellect starts to manifest. If you are on the intellect layer, maybe you can control your eating habits, or you can control the sense organs, sensory functions. But what is the closest shield to the soul, almost the selfsame identity – this is anandamaya-kosha. This is made of ananda. So ultimately, we are not made of food, we are not made of some sensory factors, we are not the mind, we are not the intellect; ultimately, we are bliss.

So what was the suggestion here? “Develop this kind of service mood, so that your body is made up of that stuff, nothing else.” We can say that this is the sevamaya-kosha – my life, my existence, my everything is made of this service mood. This is good for the devotee: ‘I’m made of service! Made of and made for service.’ It’s a gift of God – if you are made of and made for service.

All right, but this is about us; and what about Krishna? What substance is He made of? Now we are at the source. There is one beautiful bhajan: Krishna prema mayi radha[2]… The ultimate constitution of the Divine Couple is this. In general we can say Krishna is sat-chid-ananda, yes. That is true: He is eternal, He is fully conscious, and He is practically made of ananda. But if we want to scrutinize what kind of ananda is the composition of Krishna, then we come to this point. Krishna prema mayi radha/ radha prema mayo hari.

So Radhika… No, let’s start with Krishna. Krishna is not made of simple divine bliss, but He is radha maya, He is made of Radha – that means He is made of affection. This is the composition of God’s nature, radha maya. But as we know that He is never alone, then what is the composition of His partner? She is krishna mayi. Radhika is made of Krishna. She is made of beauty. Usually it is very difficult to understand why Krishna is considered to be the topmost beauty and why Radhika is considered to be the topmost love. We can say in one sense that they are made of each other. But if you don’t agree on this point due to some theological considerations, I’m sure you will definitely agree on the point that they are made for each other.

We know from the notebook of Swarupa Damodar Goswami, the personal secretary of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, that Radha and Govinda have separate identities forever. But in order to improve the need for Their meeting, They search for each other. And when this search is intensive enough, They embrace so close that They appear as Chaitanya. So although they are eternally separate, They are also eternally united. We cannot really understand this, this is achintya – union and separation at the same time. And we need not scrutinize this and try to analyze it. Better we admire this divine truth, this divine mystery.

So, faith is the ever-growing happiness, derived from the admiration of the union of Radha and Govinda. If we admire divine beauty and divine love together, this is real faith; and the result of this real faith will be spiritual contentment. Therefore, we are ready to change our bodily constitution – from human DNA to divine DNA. So that we are made of and made for seva. Sevamayu bhakta.

[1] Shridhara Maharaj, Centenary Anthology

[2] Yugalashtakam by Jiva Goswami