Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

In the kitchen Radharani is the cook. Therefore we have to keep the kitchen always very clean, because this is Her realm, this is Her part. You see, a very simple, practical thing: clean the kitchen! But why? Because it belongs to Radharani. In this way you can serve Her; it is not that you are a fanatic on purity. No, this is service. And this is the higher taste. When you clean the kitchen this is not simply scraping the surface, but fully dedicating your energy to Krishna. And this is the mystery of prema-bhakti. It is only one step ahead of us. Reach out your hand and it is there. Why should we wait to be happy in our hearts? Why not now? Stop, stop rushing to the kitchen to clean! Not that quickly!

Paramananda: I have a kitchen question. Keeping the kitchen in good condition is a service to Radharani. What is this creation of extra mess in the kitchen in order to be able to serve?

Tirtha Maharaj: Aaa! You understand something!Krishna engages us in the service. But we should not create the extra mess for others. If you have created a mess, create order also. That means to be responsible. We have to be responsible. We have to be clever enough to see the action and reaction. If we act nice then the results will be good. If we act stupidly, the results will be mixed. But if we really elevate our consciousness, we can achieve such a position, when you are independent of the results. If something good happens, we accept; if something bad happens, we accept.

But in “Bhoga Arati” you can see how many different nice preparations Radharani is cooking for Krishna. For example there is sarpuri. Sarpuri is puri filled with cream. So, this is another art – cooking. For example Damodar Prabhu is cooking so nice soup that Ishvara is always fascinated by it. So, use his talents, engage him in cooking service. You will have a higher taste.

But actually this is not only the kitchen that belongs to Radharani. The whole temple belongs toKrishna. So keep also the temple clean. Step by step, the purity is just expanding. First on the altar, please! Fresh flowers, purity, cleanliness, nice order of the pictures. Sometimes I have seen the picture of one guru upside down. So, please, everything in nice order, because this is the entrance door to the divine realm. Then the temple room, then the kitchen, and also your living quarters. It is very important. Because if we can create this nice order outside, then you cannot tolerate disorder inside. To create order in the temple or in a house, in a home – it is nothing to the duty and the challenge to create order inside. To clean all the hidden corners of your heart. Brush away the cobwebs from the windows. Because the heart should be like a throne of – what?

Krishna Priya: Of Radha andKrishna.

Tirtha Maharaj: Yes, yes, but in the first place it should be lotus throne, right, not a cactus throne. “Ah, my dear Radha! My cactus throne is waiting for You! Please, accept my cactus heart!” She is a delicate Goddess, with very tender, soft feet. She will not come to your cactus heart. Only the lotus heart.

So much about vaishnava botanic.

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