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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

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(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 09.10.2016, Ludashto)

In life in the beginning you think: “Ah, it’s very easy.” Then the middle part is more complicated; and at the end again it must be crystal clear and very simple. Ultimate things are very simple. Non-important things are very complicated. I’m a spirit soul, I belong to Krishna, there is a living and loving link between us – the wisdom of the Vedas in three short points. Maybe you have some topics to discuss?

Manohari: Gurudev, this text that you read yesterday, about the real disciple – is it available?

Swami Tirtha: It’s a pirate edition, not approved and not legal. A secret message.

Manohari: Because otherwise you always say the source. But this time you did not.

Swami Tirtha: Sometimes I say, other times I don’t say. It comes from the Akashic Chronicles. But did you like it? I think it expresses the desire. Because previously a beautiful example from the Upanishads was mentioned: when the father sent the son to study the Bhagavatam. Then when the son came back, the father asked: “Now, have you learned the Bhagavatam?” “Yes, father, I’ve learned everything!” “Ugh, you don’t know anything, go back to your teacher!” After another year he came back and the father asked: “Now, my dear son, have you learned?” He said: “Well, last time I thought I had learned, yet I didn’t learn. But now I have learned.” “Go back again!” Then after the third year the boy came: “It looks like I didn’t learn anything.” “Of course! Now you can really go back and study.”

Here Mohan also thought: “I have answers! One, second, third…” And then he gave up. This is what we have to feel; whether this is a real answer or it’s not a real answer. The master wanted to stress: “Stop! This is not for speaking. This is for listening, this time is for listening.” I think it describes the situation nicely. And I like the prayer at the end: “Please, ask again who is a real disciple, because I want to become like that. It’s me!” That’s sweet.

Because knowledge is the intellectual part and realization is the mystical part. So we can speak about certain topics; but what is the substance, what is the background behind, what is the reality of what you are talking about? Are these empty words or there is something that you can rely on? I think this is more important than simple knowledge or intellectual capacities.

Just recently some very well-informed devotee who knows a lot about Jyotish[1] asked me: “Do you know how much is the power of intellect in the Twelfth House, which is for liberation?” And I guessed: “Well, I think it’s zero?” He said: “Yes, absolutely zero.” So your salvation doesn’t depend on your brain, it’s something else. And this other type of capacity – this is what we have to cultivate. Because that will help. Much knowledge – how it is said in the Upanishads? Even if you listen a lot, even if you know a lot, the divine knowledge is not revealed. It reveals only for those who have this tender capacity.

Nevertheless it’s good to know what we are talking about. Some little information is also important. But this is not the ultimate. It’s not that.

Because what I see is that first people are charmed by the new information – any stupidity they listen to, they like it. But sooner or later the level of understanding and immunity from some weird ideas raises – they will be protected from that. And they will start to search for something more substantial. So I think this is the next step – that after the hunger for new information is satiated, they will come to more reliable sources. And then we can go ahead.

But please don’t forget, this is important: it’s not only organizing, not only coming together and not only doing something – but the intention should always be how to satisfy Krishna. Because whatever we do, we have to offer it. So it’s not that ‘We can arrange things nicely or we are a strong group’ – no! This is not the point. With these activities we have to focus on the service. That higher connection should always be there. Otherwise it’s practically impossible to make your activities really a spiritual or transcendental offering. This should be the goal: always trying to satisfy the Divine Couple. Atmanam atmana – through the soul search for the Supersoul. With the best of what you have, try to serve.

[1] Hindu astrology


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