Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 21.08.2015, morning, Ludashto) 
(continues from the previous Monday)
Who is worshiped in Sofia? In Sofia Mahaprabhu is worshiped. What kind of blessings Mahaprabhu showers on the devotees there? There happen only such things that He likes. And what is the preference of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu? Trance and dance. Therefore there are some gandharvik[1] style of devotees there – good dancers and good singers and kirtaniyas. And there are some very good preachers there, because Mahaprabhu likes if more and more people join His campaign. So I think it’s very obvious that so many blessings come upon the Sofia mission – it’s due to the worship. And of course the selfless devotion of the bhaktas there. And you know, we have there Mahaprabhu practically alone. Well, He is never alone, but nevertheless He is standing alone on the altar. Once I was discussing with a devotee and he asked: “What kind of worship do you have here and there? “I said: “Well, in Sofia we worship Mahaprabhu.” He asked: “Mahaprabhu – and?” I said: “Mahaprabhu.” “How come? Where is Nitay?” I said: “Well, He came alone, what can I do?” Because really that was the case – He came alone. 
But I think He is very close to the Pecs [2] ashram. Because in Pecs we worship Radha-Govinda – Govinda and Radha, or if you want to put it short: Go-Ra, Gaura. It looks like these two ashrams are very close to each other – in one place Govinda-Radha, in the other place Gaura. One resembles the other. Govinda and Radha are the essence of divine love – and that is reflected in Sofia, in the person of Gauranga Mahaprabhu. In this way these two aspects should meet. And where do they meet? In the hearts of the devotees. 
What is expected from us by the Supreme? I think this arrangement shows very beautifully what is His expectation – with these two missions, with these two countries. These realities reflect each other. What will be the result of Govinda-Radha worship? I cannot tell that! Just look at the Pecs devotees and you will understand a lot. Because we are safe until Radhika predominates over Krishna. When She steals the flute of Krishna, then He is helpless. He cannot dictate the tempo for the devotees. Whenever He regains His flute, He starts to play and everybody has to dance. And sometimes His speed, His tempo is quite fast. And there are many more aspects of Radha and Govinda worship. But nevertheless Krishna as Govinda is the person who answers. 
Sometimes miracles also happen. For example change of dimensions, quantum leaps or simple miracles. If you remember the house in Pecs – there are windows and there is one little hollow place in the front. When we saw the house for the first time, we understood: ‘Ah! This is the place for the deity!’ But from the street it looked small like this, and we thought: ‘When the time comes we can put a small deity there’. The same year we had scaffolding on the house, because there was some construction work and one devotee was testing this niche. And it was so huge, that she could stand into the niche plus there was some more height. So the result of Radha-Govinda worship is that dimensions might change. You think it’s small, but it’s huge! You think your services are insignificant, but they are great. 
Somebody says that Krishna answers the prayers of the pure devotees. Krishna is very busy. He doesn’t have time for listening to some prayers and distributing the results. The gopis are always calling Him, the gopals also invite Him. He is engaged in tasting His own beauty and sweetness. Nevertheless the pure, or the almost pure devotees, are a preference for Him. And their prayers are heard by Him. This is our hope – that our prayers are being heard. And please, always pray from surplus, not from shortage. I’m sure we all have experience with prayers and with deals with Krishna. But always we have to be grateful for all that is provided for our benefit. And the best prayer is the glorification of the holy names. Please try to offer the prayers like a flower offering at the lotus feet of our beloved Couple. Do you have some remarks or questions?
Yashoda: What about Gaura-Nitay worship?
Swami Tirtha: Ah! Double trance and dance, They both are dancing. That’s very dangerous, because They are the upgrade of Jagay and Madhay. Jagay and Madhay were dancing in alcoholic ecstasy, which expires. But They are dancing due to transcendental ecstasy – it never ends. So be ready!
1. Gandharvas – angelic singers
2. pronounced Pech


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