Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Once we had a guest visiting Nanda Falva. He was a famous musician. And he said: “Everything is very nice in this Bhakti Yoga, there is only one thing, one reservation: I don’t want to bow down before the altar!” This was before his first visit to the temple. And you know, devotees were quite relaxed and said: “No problem, you just come, as you feel, it’s not obligatory…” But immediately when he arrived and the curtain opened – he offered full dandavats! Because somehow the wave was coming to him. Immediately he understood that it’s not some formality, it’s a natural expression of your respect towards the Lord.


Actually this question cannot be explained, again – you should get the taste. And as soon as you get the taste of the beauty of worship, then immediately all the questions and doubts are answered.


To understand the depth and the beauty of deity worship – you have to practice, otherwise you will not understand. But until we don’t understand, we should respect! Don’t criticize what you don’t understand. This should be the basic approach towards anything that is higher than our understanding. Don’t criticize what you don’t understand.


Hiranyakashipu had the same trouble: “What!? You say that your God Vishnu is everywhere!? Do you think that he is present in this pillar also?” He was there, bad luck.


Just try to offer Krishna one flower with full dedication! And then you will feel that all the roses of Bulgaria would not be enough to offer to Him. Because you will get the taste.

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