Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 05.01.2018 morning, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Friday)

May I tell you one example of a deep, deep devotional friendship relationship?

In the old times in Nandafalva – many of you have been there – we had a small temple- room, and this was the only room that we could use for sleeping as well. So during the day it was a place of worship, during the night it was a place for slumber. Now I’ll tell you one more story. You know, we were sleeping so closely, like herrings: the first place was for Janardhan prabhu, the second for Krishnananda and all the rest came after. So, one night I awoke and what did I see? You know, the Tulasi plants were on a nice and strong little table and it was under the window. And I saw the youngest of us during the night stepping on this table and trying to open the window. He was in a lunatic trans. He was opening the window to go out during the night. I said: “Hey, Prabhu! Not that way, go back to your sleeping bag.” And then he went back to his sleeping bag. Just imagine, if the ashram was on the tenth floor!

But what I wanted to tell you about real friendship: one of our devotees had some bad dream, some nightmare. He suddenly awoke during the night, and somehow I was awake as well, so what did I see? That he is jumping and shouting and immediately catching the hand of his friend, his devotional brother, and calling his name. Then I understood that their relationship is real. For me this is the standard of devotional friendship. When you awaken from a nightmare, immediately you grab the hand of your brother and you call his name. Not God’s name, not your name, not the name of your nightmare, but the name of your friend. I think this we can accept as a real, truly real connection. It’s like a natural flow, the first thought.

(to be continued)

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