Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 07.01.2017 morning, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Monday)

 What are the symptoms of this parents’ relationship? The first is pushti – nourishment, when you feed Krishna. He can take the milk of His mother, but He is not satisfied with that. He needs more, He steals the butter also. Because milk is life, butter is love. So He is not satisfied with simply the one, He needs the other also. And He is not satisfied with what is preserved for Him, but He wants what you try to preserve for yourself. Therefore He was stealing. He went to the neighbors also, stealing the butter there. And then the elderly ladies went to Mother Yashoda complaining: “Hey, your son is very naughty! He is stealing our butter. You should do something about it. You don’t have enough butter at home?” “No, no, we have a lot! And He knows that this is preserved for Him.” But He is not satisfied with this which is preserved for Him – He wants that is preserved for us. But you cannot keep anything for yourself. Makanchor will come and take away all the stock.

So this pushti, this feeding, nourishment is a very natural and sweet feeling. A mother is always happy if she can feed the child. There is only one person who is even more satisfied – this is the grandma. Once Gurudev said to a devotee: “Ah, when you are cooking, it’s just like two grandmothers are cooking!” So this is the upgrade of mother’s love and her feeding potency. We know this on this planet Earth: you meet your grandmother and what is the first question? “Are you hungry?” So pushti – to feed, to take care – is natural.

The second one is the feeling that you want to protect Krishna. You remember, it is mentioned that with Krishna so many things happened, so Mother Yashoda is afraid. Therefore she puts all the charms on His body, all the protective magic formulas. She knows the names of God protect you, so she puts the different names on the different body parts of Krishna – just to save Him from danger. She decorates Krishna with the nyasa-mantras, touching the body. And also – this is so charming – when He lifts the Govardhan Hill, first the elderly gopas are charmed, but then they realize: ‘What if it’s too heavy? Such a small boy lifting a hill – maybe it’s too heavy for Him, so let’s help a little bit!’ And then they come with their sticks.

Let’s say these are like natural functions. But there is something more – the mutual happiness. Nanda Maharaj loves his son very much. He is very much charmed when Krishna brings his chapals, his slippers. This is a sign of the uttermost respect – when you take the slippers of someone and you bring it. Then Nanda Baba takes his son on his lap, embraces him and starts to smell the head. Have you observed that? People have this natural tendency: when they hold a kid, especially a small kid, in their embrace, naturally they poke their nose into the head. Subconsciously this loving, affectionate connection is there. There is a very nice smell there, very delicate smell – especially babies, usually they smell of milk, but this is not the smell of the milk. But actually there you can smell the crown chakra of a pure kid.

But you know, this motherly or fatherly love makes you blind. So many times it happens. When Balaram said: “Krishna had eaten earth.” Mother Yashoda said: “Ah, did You take some dust? Show me Your mouth!” And then a grand vision came to Mother Yashoda. Krishna opened the mouth and Yashoda saw all the universes there, all the elements, all the demigods, everything; she even observed herself looking into the mouth of Krishna. She thought: “Ah, it’s too much!” But then fortunately the cat hit the pot with the milk and Mother Yashoda came to her senses. She closed her eyes: “No, it’s impossible!” And when she opened her eyes, again she saw: “This is my dear little son.” If you are in this mood, you want to get rid of the divine vision. At that time you don’t need prabhu-darshan, you need your son in your life.

So this vatsalya-bhava, vatsalya mood is a mutual relationship, one of the main rasas. And just like in the human relationship this is a very relentless attitude, same in the spiritual relationships – Mother Yashoda can tolerate everything.

Also we shouldn’t forget that the gradation of the different attitudes to Krishna always contains the previous stages. For example the servitude includes the fixed consciousness of neutrality. In friendship you will find the servitude also. And all the different features and aspects of relationships are included in the vatsalya – taking care, servitude, etc.

And finally a private realization of a devotee: once Gurudev mentioned what he had seen in Navadvip, in Shridhara Maharaj’s ashram. There was an elderly couple and Gurudev inquired: “Please, tell me something about yourselves.” They said: “Ah, when we understood that you can enter into such an intimate relationship with the Supreme that He becomes like your son, you can feel like father and mother, then we decided: this is our place!” You see, we are inspired by certain attitudes, certain moods – so please, try to find your own.


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