Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

There are some people, who are ready to usurp our energy. Better to avoid them. Because we have to be very powerful in order to change them – if it is possible at all. And this change could be accomplished only through affectionate dealings. But you know, until you are not on the highest platform uttama-adhikari, then it is necessary to differentiate between the people: who is good to associate with, who is good to make friend with, whom I should help like senior and whom I should avoid. It’s nothing wrong with that. Because the basic respect should be there towards everybody. But just like you don’t embrace a snake but respect from a distance, sometimes we don’t embrace people, don’t let them come too close to us, but respect them from a distance. So everybody has the right for spiritual self-defense. For example if somebody wants to HELP me against my will, I have the right to say “No, thank you. Not in that way.” But even saying “no” should be in a very polite and very humble manner. And then there is no harm.


There are some cases when we have to leave, but usually this is the easier solution. If we qualify ourselves more and more, than we shall be able to change ourselves, to adjust to the situation and to change others. But we can conclude: from human relationships the greatest suffering and the greatest happiness are coming.

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