Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

We continue our studies from this important book “Shri Guru and his grace” by Shriila Shridhara Maharaj.

“The supremely purified teaching Krishna-bhakti descends just like the water of the Ganges from the Himalayas step by step from one grade to the other. Although Saraswati joins the Ganges, still it is not considered Ganges water. But when the two rivers join, then both are considered to be Ganges. That is even the water of Saraswati becomes water of the Ganges. It has got a purifying effect irrespective of the different origin. The purifying effect of the Ganges is completely different from the water that we perceive by the senses. The water of the Ganges is purifying in transcendental sense, therefore it is able to cleanse people.”

The first part is very obvious – that the Ganges originates from high above and descends step by step. But the second part is more interesting and more difficult to understand – that if the waters of different rivers meet, then they merge. And it is said, especially in the case of the Ganges, that from the side which another river joins, on that side the water of that river is running and on the other side the real Ganges water is running. But later on if you move further they merge. And you can see this joining, even different colors of water – they join. Up in the Himalayas at Dev Prayag one is bluish and the other is yellowish – and they merge. Later in Mayapur also you can see this. And if you go further you can see that this is mixed up, you cannot distinguish anymore.

And as it was mentioned that the Ganges has a purifying effect, because it is transcendental, in the same way if our life, if our practice is a strong current, even though sometimes some garbage is manifested in our minds and hearts, it will be removed by the purifying effect of the current of devotion. So, be strong in your current.

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