Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Thank you for coming this evening also, because in this way you engage me in service. Otherwise I would plop in illusion totally. You are my masters, you help me to remember what I have learned. Actually you should go on like this – help others to do service, help others to remember the divine message – in any way, by any means that you possess. By giving glorification, by offering services, by revealing the problems or kicking the garbage bin – there are so many ways to engage others in devotional service. But if somehow we can help ourselves and others to remember that we do not belong here, but we belong to a divine world – this is a great service.

The soul is a miracle. According to the scientific view, matter all of a sudden starts to produce consciousness. This is called the fossil evolution of consciousness. We believe in the spiritual evolution of consciousness. We believe that the spirit is more powerful, so powerful, that it can be condensed, manifested into matter. So matter is the product of consciousness and not consciousness is the product of matter. Material fate, material karma is also a product of the spirit soul. Everybody has to traverse the path to its full extend. Still we have to be compassionate.

And what is the compassion of a devotee, a bhakta? Just what I mentioned to you in the beginning: try to help others to remember Krishna. First of all, we have to remind ourselves to remember God always. First by some practice; then by some natural instinct it comes by itself. The real compassion is to help others’ spiritual growth. It is not enough to save the coat, we have to save the person. If the spirit is so powerful that it can produce matter, then we shall understand that everything returns back from where it is taken. Body is material, it is taken from matter, it will return to matter. The soul is spiritual, it is taken from God, it will return to God. Life comes from life; consciousness comes from consciousness; love comes from love. And from love only love comes! Nothing else! Very important! If the result is something else also – then it was not pure love. Love comes only from love; and from love only love comes. This is not only a tricky game of the words. Think deeply! Recently we were discussing that from the orange only orange juice comes. Nothing else. However you squeeze it, however you press it – only orange juice is coming. Orange juice comes from the orange. And from the orange only orange juice comes.

This is a very important equation. From the result we can judge, we can understand the source. If more and more spiritual feelings are cultivated and growing in your heart, then what you have done so far is good, it is spiritual. If more misunderstanding, dissatisfaction, hatred you feel in your heart, may be you should change the practice.



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