Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

In our western world the knowledge of devotional love to God is almost extinct but we have a very nice ancient tradition which tells us how to approach God, how to love Him and how to help ourselves. This process is an eternal link between man and God. This process is called yoga and that special school of yoga we practice is bhakti. What is the most important connection between man and man? Affection, emotions, feelings, love. In the same manner the ultimate connection between man and God is also based on affection. Almost everybody who practices some kind of religion knows that God is love and we want to enjoy His love. You should love me – give me light, give me sun, give me air, give me life, give me happiness – this is the general way of religious people – give me, give me. But in bhakti we can learn how to give to God something when we can reflect something from His love. And what is the mirror that we have, because in the mirror we can reflect the light …What is our ultimate mirror? This is our heart. But until the heart is covered with curtains, with tick layers, with dust, with different things than it don’t reflect anything it is just covered and black and useless. So therefore we have to purify this mirror. Mirror is useful only when it is pure and clean, than it will give a perfect reflection, you will see your face nicely, every detail. But when it is distorted or covered with film than you can not see perfectly.

In the same way the most important instrument that we have for feelings is our heart. So therefore we have to have a pure heart in order to understand the feelings of others, in order to approach other human beings and other living entities and in order to reflect something from God’s love.

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