Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from lecture of Bhakti Kamala Tirtha Maharaj, 2 of September 2006, Sofia)
Prayers should be directed for the benefit of others. But if you have some problem, be ready to share with Him. I think you do it. Suddenly something happens to you and you just cry: “O my Lord!” Right, even atheist say like this. There is an accident and they cry: “O, Jesus Christ!”
This is a natural thing! We are originally connected, we are coming from that source. It’s natural that the soul has faith. And it’s natural that when you are in trouble, you just cry: “O my Lord, please help me.” But don’t forget about Him when you are happy, right! Because when you are happy, very rarely you cry out: “O my Lord, thank You!” We should not be selfish. We want to push difficulties on Him: “It’s your business, take care!”, but when you have the happiness, then “I can manage that myself.”
This is human nature. So when we are talking about enjoying mentality, we should not be one-sided: that we want to enjoy only the happiness. You should enjoy the difficulty also.
Still… the saints are paving your way, the shastras are guiding you and Krishna is inviting you. So what problems we might have?! It’s only a lack of faith.
But it is mentioned that Krishna has unlimited grace. And He is exercising His grace on His devotees in unconceivable way. So don’t think about how His mercy will come to you, simply take it. We are happy when mercy comes according to our taste. But when the mercy is coming according to His taste, then it’s more difficult to manage that.
God is not only great, but He is loving. He is loving and He is beloved by many. Therefore ultimately we should come to the platform, where we should understand that this is not the loving God in first focus of our attention, but those, who love Him with devotion – they are our masters. You see the difference? Big difference.
Why? Because from them we can learn how to love Him. Of course, if you focus on Him, from Him you can learn how to love His servants. Anyway this is a good combination. Whichever direction you start, whichever part you start, you should come to this emotional approach to the Supreme Lord.

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