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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 19.08.2015, morning, Ludashto)
In order our life progresses in a normal healthy condition we need a little tamasic part – like sleeping. So if you want to spiritualize your life, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t sleep at all. But we have to spiritualize our dreams. If a normal person sleeps – that is tama-guna. But if a pure devotee sleeps – that’s concentrated divine service. So if you want to have a nice long sleep, follow this concentrated divine service. And I really mean it! 
But how shall we be able to spiritualize our nights and dreams? First you try to spiritualize your daytime and your activities. That means a little control. Control over the activities of the body, control over your ambitions, control over your thoughts. And finally you can gain control over your dreams. 
There is a special practice – it’s called the dream journey – when the master and the disciple usually lay down in one room or close to each other and they dream together. And they associate in their dreams, they walk in their dreams together. Long time ago I read this practice somewhere in a yoga book and I said: ‘All right, it’s some mystic practice here.’ But then just recently I met a devotee who told me this story: he had the opportunity to sleep very close to his master and when they awoke they discussed the path they have covered. 
So these very special things are not so far away from you. But how to achieve that? By a very strong harmony between the persons involved. Now of course I don’t suggest that you rush into the room of your spiritual master when he wants to sleep. Because first is the tuning, then is the rushing. And actually it works on invitation. 
The question was how to spiritualize our activities, right? One very important part of this is that you always keep your spiritual goal in front of your eyes. And finally we have to reach our goal, hopefully. So this is the fulfillment of a sacred tradition – that it starts from a divine origin, you have a very good spiritual practice, and finally you reach your spiritual goals. The origin is divine, the goal is divine and the practitioner should be spiritual. And what is this divine goal? It is the same that has started the sacred tradition – the cultivation of divine love. It has been started for that goal to be accomplished – that divine love is cultivated. 
(to be continued)


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