Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from lecture of B.K.Tirtha Maharaj, 25 of May 2006, Sofia)
Is finally the process of Bhakti a transformation? There is something and you should have a different thing? Because that means transformation…
Or it is rather a kind of disclosure. Or may be we can add that this is revival. Something is there, but you bring it to the surface again. Because the spiritual quality, the spiritual jiva, atma, is always the same. Little covered by illusion, but it’s always the same. Therefore by the process of yoga we have to pile these layers off the soul, to revive your original position. According to the “Shrimad Bhagavatam”, moksha is to attain your original position, to act according to your original position. In “Chaitanya Charitamrita” it is said: to awaken the dormant love in your heart, divine love.
Originally everybody is a vaishnava. Because everybody is coming from, through, by Vishnu. Therefore from a philosophical point of view, we all come from his family. There are two types of people: one who know and cultivates this; the others who doesn’t know – yet. So you belong to which group? Those who have some idea or agree on any point? Or you have very firm conviction – YES, I belong to my Lord! I have my God, I have my master, I have my brothers and sisters – let’s do it! Faith without activity is dead. Somehow we have to express our faith. And if we awaken this dormant divine love, it also needs a kind of expression.
But you know, when you want to awaken somebody, sometimes it takes a long time. For example, to wake up the brahmacharis, this is a very heavy job. The swamiji is awaken early in the morning and trying to do his best by meditation, by alarm clock, by this and that to bring the brahmacharis out of their sleeping bags. And if you try to awaken somebody, sometimes it is enough to call: “Haribol!” and he is jumping. Other times there’s no response. You shout as much as you can – no response, fast asleep. Then you have to shake the person – may be in this way he will come to his senses.
In the same way, if you want to awaken YOUR atman, sometimes it is enough to call out the name of Krishna. Other times guru has to shake you up to come to your senses. And sometimes it takes a long time to come to our senses.

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