Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


If we are all ready to dedicate something from our life to the ashram, to the joined service and if we all want to make it happen, then it will work very nice. From time to time we need a little adjustment, because somebody wants to push from this side, the other from that side… But if the basic desire is there, then it’s only a question of harmonizing. And I am definitely sure that there is a desire in all of you to help this to make a success. Of course, we are not searching for success, we are searching for the chance to serve. Success is depending on Krishna’s desire: if He gives – good; if He does not give – that is also good. So we don’t work under material motivation. Even if it becomes difficult, still we should keep going and doing the service

Giridhari: I had doubts about my qualifications in serving the deity, doing puja, etc. Yet I decided it’s better to do the service, no matter how unqualified it might be, than not to do it at all.

Tirtha Maharaj: What can we do? Once when Shrila Prabhupada brought the deities to Australia, he made the first puja and then he said: “Ah my Lord, I have brought You here to Mlecchadesha (land of unqualified people). I know that they cannot take care of You; please, You take care of them!” We should treat deity very personally, just like a human being. Personal service needs training. But we are not running after rituals, because we are running after God. Treat deity like your kid – in one sense. Do you pay some attention on your kid when you return home? Of course! However late we come home, we see what’s happening. So when we establish a standard, it should be maintained. It is not necessary to make the standard too high, that we cannot accomplish, but something simple, a little more than it’s very easy, but keep that standard. This is the principle when we have to decide between the services and attention.

I’m very much in favor of sattva – order, cleanliness, etc. But this is only secondary, because if the mood is there – this is the most important. I don’t mind if there is dirt here and there; basically it should be okay. But if the mood is fine, everybody will be happily joining to help you to clean, to do, to bring, whatever. If the mood is there, everything is there. So, I think this is the centre.

Sometimes we see only details and we might even lose our enthusiasm. But if you would see the perspective, then you would never lose your enthusiasm. Because this is very glorious to help in the service and to help maintain a place where the divine service is going on.

Details are secondary. Of course, they are very important, but if we try to catch the mood, then we shall find the ways to express it.

And don’t see only the responsibilities, see the chances.

Please, try to deeply understand what is the meaning, what is the purpose of all our activities. You are all very well qualified people. One is good in one respect, the other is good in another respect. And if we keep the service in the center and the divine ideals in the centre, then everything will be provided. I don’t want to use this like a promise; no, this is reality. And if you have that high vision, the small little things of organizing this or doing that are so insignificant.

So, maintain the mood and if we can share it with others they will also be happy. And how to make Krishna happy? By direct service and by service of others. One without the other will not happen.


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