Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from lecture of B.K.Tirtha Maharaj, 24 of May 2006, Sofia)
They say, it’s difficult to make a connection, but it’s more difficult to maintain it.
This is true only in spiritual aspect. Because for example with illusion it’s very easy to make a connection and it’s very difficult to get free of that. Others say that it’s very easy to make a connection with Krishna, but little difficult to maintain that. Still others say that yes, it’s easy to make a connection with Krishna, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to give it up.
Actually everything depends on our vision. If we have the EYE, then wherever we look we shall see Krishna. May be not in person, that’s possible, but we can always see His work, we can always see His creation – everything is talking about Him. As it is said in the shastras that everything is wearing the robe, the garment of God. Therefore if we have this vision, we cannot talk of being separated. If we don’t see Krishna in person, then we can see His actions, we can see all the different things that are connected with Him – like His devotees, His form, His temple, His world, creation… And if we have this higher type of vision, spiritualized vision, then we shall see the connection everywhere.
Once Gurudev visited an ashram and it was a rented place… And there was some old picture of the owner that was hanging on the wall. This picture was about young lady and young man meeting at night under the full moon. Of course this was a village scene… and there was a horse because this young man was a horseman – or something like this. So Gurudev said: “Yes, Radha-Krishna is here, that’s nice… But how this horse is coming!?!”
So… originally everything is connected to Krishna. Still under the spell of illusion we might think that may be something is disconnected. But the Chaturshloki – the four main verses of “Shrimad Bhagavatam” – says that “You should know that illusion is what SEEMS to be not connected to Krishna.” That is illusion. So this is an exact definition from the “Bhagavatam” what is illusion – it SEEMS to be not connected. If we are under the spell of illusion we see many things that are not connected to Krishna. But if we can come under divine protection, then we shall see the connection everywhere.
Therefore we only have to revive our connection, that is naturally, originally there. The goal of Bhakti is to revive this consciousness: I belong to Him, I’m with Him, I’m for Him.

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