Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from lecture of B.K.Tirtha Maharaj, 25 of May 2006)
Biological construction of the human body, biological ego we can say, is the material construction – different elements, different maters are there finally to give a form, construction of the body. And this biological platform has a lot of impulses like instincts or sensual perceptions. This is just like very similar with everything else in the nature. Animals for example work under this principle – biological instincts and the arrangement of the nature. Animals are ready to kill when they are hungry, for example – certain type of animals. Humans are worse than animals. Because humans are ready to kill also when they are not hungry. So humans DO have the chance to transgress these natural limits.
So beyond the biological ego, the biological composition of a human being there is – we can say – a cultural ego of a person. The cultural ego is composed of different impressions, your knowledge or education, your habits that you inherited from the fathers and family, like this. And this is very much varied, for many people this is different and different. And we have two levels of this cultural ego. One is the cultural ego proper, which is more like defused, penetrating the whole body – like consciousness. It is there – all over your existential body. And the other is – we can say – the intellectual ego, which is concentrated mostly in the brain. And you can see the difference between this cultural ego on the consciousness platform and on the intellectual platform. The difference is that if you cut the head this intellectual ego is finished. But if you cut the hand the cultural ego can go on. Because intellectual ego is concentrated, but cultural ego is penetrated. But of course we have our impressions, we have our feelings and memories and so many different things, which are also combined with this cultural ego.
Then the next level of our ego comes and that is – we can say – the spiritual ego, which is the real one, which doesn’t change.  All the other levels of our existence change from time to time. But this spiritual identification does not change. So this real ego, this real identification if we really understand, if we really revive that original consciousness, then we can come very close to our goal of life.
This topic, this construction of human system is very important, because we have to identify ourselves on a proper scale. We should not identify ourselves ONLY on the biological platform, because all the animals do that. If we do the same, then we are also animals, but on two legs. Humans must do something more, must achieve something more. Human life is for higher achievements. And this higher achievement means that you spiritualize your body, spiritualize your consciousness. You come to the ultimate and final identification of the self, of your own personality.
So to summarize this whole topic in one sentence: false ego is bad, real ego is good. To put it very simply. And from this false reflection we have to come to the original. That is the goal of self-realization: from the body come to the spiritual platform, from mater come to the soul, from yourself come to God. This transition period might be short, might be long. But if we are really intelligent, we should make this path as short and as quick as possible.
Why? Because meanwhile there is a little problem – it’s called suffering. So if you are intelligent, you don’t want to suffer.
Try to identify yourself on the ultimate, most high spiritual platform and then you will see that the things are decided on the top platform. If you are strong and healthy in your soul, in your spirit, then all the lower stages of your existence like the cultural ego, intellectual ego or biological ego will be also very nicely harmonized. So we have one general and perfect cure for all the diseases. Hare Krishna.

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