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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

нашата врата

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, May 2013, Sofia)
We agreed that we have to come to the soul platform, atma platform and instead of the nasty engagement we should engage our consciousness with something sacred. And sometimes we are told to be very realistic, down to earth, but this is very unrealistic. 
“Shrimad Bhagavatam (1.1.2) says, vedyam vastavam atra vastu shivadam tapa-trayonmulanam: “Reality is vastavam vastu – the real substance above all of the unreal, imaginary things of this world. All the accumulated knowledge in relation to this world is a wholesale concoction). It is the result of misreading the environment and is full of misinterpretation and misconception. The whole thing – the vocabulary, the history, the epics, the whole thing, whatever has been collected – it is all a misrepresentation of the truth, and we are in the midst of that. We are captivated within that, but at the same time we have the capacity to enter the plane of real life because we are a particle of that higher world. So we must go back to God, back to home. Home is there. What charm can there be for us here where there is death, and then birth again, where everything is stale and produces dissipation and suffering? Mortality, suffering, and death – and even then it is not finished, but we must continuously come here again and again and follow the same course of life! So try to obtain real relief, and help others also to take up their proper life away from this undesirable atmosphere. We must go back to Godhead, where everything is wonderful. What is that Godhead? Our home is there! Our home, sweet, sweet home. We are a child of that soil, and the scriptures urge us: “You have got this human life, this chance, so always try by all means – by thinking, by meditation, by talking, by hearing – to cultivate your own true identity, your noble identity in your homeland where the soul lives. Always, always, always engage yourself in that. Try to avoid this plane of misconception by any means and enter into that land.”[1]
Bitter, but realistic words about the present environment. Because here everything is limited by so many different factors – lack of knowledge, lack of time, certain factors of suffering or other limitations. And generally this is very popular – to describe the difficulties of the earthly life. Because everybody will understand, we all have experience of that. So, in case somebody says: “Have you faced some trouble in your life?” everybody will agree. Actually, I do a research from time to time. Whenever I meet people in certain groups I ask the question: “What is your conception about life? Is it good experience or bitter?” And depending on the age of the group the answers vary. Usually the university students will say: “Yes, that’s nice! That’s great!” Over the age of forty people will say: “Oh! Better we are realistic”. So, it depends on what you collect meanwhile. We have to be careful about the input into our brain, into our intellect, into our mind. And here is the invitation: “Try to find your original home”. It is very easy to say that “Here on Earth there is suffering; over there in Heaven there is no suffering”. Are you satisfied with that? In one sense it seems to be an answer of postponing the whole problem. Because that suggest us that we have to tolerate everything, wait, wait, wait, and maybe sometimes over there in perfection we will be happy. 
And we might think that we have to change the environment, we have to go from one place to another to be happy and satisfied. And in one sense that is true. We all have experience that changing of the environment helps sometimes. You go on a vacation and then you are more relaxed, or more in maya. But there is another way, another solution to the problems of life. When we change not the place, like Earth to Heaven, but we change the mentality. Then we start to learn the art of satisfaction and happiness here and now. We have a civilization of comforts and a culture of complaints. What kind of combination is that? While a spiritual person should tolerate, should be neutral to any conditions and be satisfied with, or against any circumstances. So, there is a secret. It is possible! Usually we need a home and it’s so difficult to obtain. But the wanderers, the ascetics have no house, yet they feel at home everywhere in the world. Many times we need things, we want to obtain things and they don’t come. But those who renounce possessing the things, they will have everything. Even if they have nothing, they are satisfied. So, where is the freedom? Where is the secret? It’s not in the external things, it’s in the internal mentality, it’s the internal approach to things. Instead of changing your position, better we change our mentality. And then you don’t have to wait for entering Heaven to be satisfied. 
(to be continued) 
1.  The Golden staircase, Ch. 1 Withdraw from knowledge, by Shrila Shridhar Maharaj

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