Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

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If we make false propaganda: “Just join the devotees and be happy!” without strong efforts it will not happen. We should not cheat people. We should tell them that if you join the devotees you will have more troubles. Right, because illusion is sweet, ignorance is deep and when you are deep down in ignorance you feel quite good.

Always remember the example of Indra. Once on some occasion he was cursed to take birth on the planet Earth. Although he is the king of heaven, he had to take birth on this very insignificant Martya-loka, planet of death. And he did not come as a king, he came as a pig. Quite a big jump from one position to another. And you know, pigs are pigs, they act like pigs. They have their mud to take a bath there, to have some ointments on the body and they have their very special foodstuffs; they have very nice sound; nicely shaped like a designer body. And Indra has got a very nice family- a she-pig, small little pigs. He was very satisfied: “This is my realm, just look around, so beautiful! Pile of shit there, here is my pond, this is my family and this is me!” But meanwhile in the heaven some shortage came – they realized: “Hey, where is our king?! We need our king back!” So, a group of messengers came – great demigods, rishis, munis – everybody attended the yard of Indra. And they said: “Ah, Indradev, please come, we need your service up there!” And he said: “How can I go?! I am so happy here. This is my life! I am so satisfied with this.”

The invitation is always there: Come!” And not only to join heaven, but to join the spiritual sky. Still you say: “Ah, yes, yes, but I am satisfied here. This is my life.” From this we can see how strong the illusion is. And under the care of this deep illusion we are happy. But when somebody comes and tells you: “Hey, you live a life of pigs,” then you start to have some problems. Because you face your realities. And you get such a high prospect that from this pond of mud it is very difficult to jump to that high level. That is the period of purification, or we can say the mixed taste. Your ass is still back to the mud, but your eyes are up to the lotus feet of Krishna. You know something, but still you are conditioned with your previous things. So, decide before joining the devotees; if you want to live in your mud, then don’t ask anything. Or – if you want to reach the lotus feet of Krishna, then give up the previous conditionings. And even Rupa Goswami warns everybody: “If you want to enjoy the material world, don’t look at this Gopal who is standing on the bank of Yamuna in a nicely three-fold bending form, in golden shining dhoti, playing the flute and smiling.” Because if you want to enjoy, you will have problems. What problems? You will forget about material illusions. You cannot taste any more the sweet non-halava taste. You are searching for something else. Where to find this? This is the secret – where you can find good halava?

Shrila Prabhupad used to quote a verse from “Bhagavatam”: “IfKrishnaloves somebody, He takes away everything.” When his little shop was bankrupt he said: “Ah, ifKrishnaloves somebody, He takes away…” And many times he repeated this verse. So, don’t be afraid if you are not a great star of the business world. It does not matter. Or if you are not a famous actress inHollywood. Just check out the lives of these great heroes – it is miserable. Most of them are on drugs and alcohol – just to survive the stupid attention of people. Isn’t it? So better keep a humble profile. Don’t go outwards, but work inside.

And therefore I say, don’t waist the time. Although we live in eternity, time in this lifetime is short. We need pure bhakti, not mixed – with calculation, with material motivation, with karma, gyana, moksha and many other things.

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