Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Once Chaitanya Mahaprabhu told Nityananda Prabhu: “You should go to preach to Bengal”. Nityananda was very strong and very powerful person. But at this time he said: “O! I’m unable to do this! I’m totally useless, I’m incapable. But I have one quality – I’m ready to take Your advice. And because of this I will go and I will be successful.” So because of the willingness to surrender and accept the instruction, positive result will come.


You can say: “O well, nice story from five hundred years back. But be more practical – what’s going on now?” Once there was a spiritual master and he told his disciple to accomplish one type of service – let’s say to keep the monthly amounts of the temple. And the boy said: “O my dear master, this is a very complicated service. To keep the monthly account – it takes minimum two weeks for me to accomplish.” Just imagine: two weeks work for four weeks accounts – this is a very bad, very ineffective timing. But he started to do and finally he came to a level of finishing the job in two days! Two days only for the reason that the others were late with their accounts.


If you are willing to surrender, unlimited power will come to you. And I have noticed that in devotional life so many changes are there. Because all the devotees are very much ready to devote themselves, dedicate themselves to any kind of service.


So this is the standard. Any kind of service, any time you should be ready to do. And for those people, who never entered the kitchen in their previous lives, they start to become the chief of the temple. For those who have absolutely no voice and sense of music – they will become the leader singers. Who was an incapable person, becomes the chief manager. Because of this special ingredient – it’s called surrender. If you are ready to surrender, if you are ready to BELIEVE the advice of your master – all the power of your master will come to you. This is a transcendental transaction. You give yourself and the guru gives himself. So you exchange your energies, your abilities. And who is more powerful: your mistakes or the guru’s mercy? You can enter peacefully into this exchange. He is stronger. Don’t have any doubts; he is stronger.

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