Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha



In Sanskrit when you want to stress something that is very important, then you repeat it. Spirit soul – you repeat, although this is the same. Because there is no material soul; but there is the opposite – spiritual body exists! So there is no material soul, there is spiritual soul and there is spiritual body. So “spirit soul” means the quality of the living entity. There are different terms used, like “jiva”. Jiva means living entity – so there is life; life is not coming from body, life is coming from soul. Then the nature of this living entity is “brahman” – transcendental, not material, spiritual. And this is the essence in the body – therefore it is called “atman”. From whatever point we start we come to the supernatural aspect. Soul has power. And spiritual soul we can say is qualified soul. Like “knowledge” is that we understand we are souls, we are spirit souls; but “wisdom” means that as a spirit soul I belong to God. So that is higher conception. You are not a simply soul, you are a spirit soul.

You can become god-like. God-like, that you can achieve. It is said: “Those who know brahman, they can become like brahman.” Because we have the same quality. But we have different personality. Soul- soul, but He is He and you are yourself. So there is unity and there is difference. Because opposition enhances the beauty.

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