Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


Just to mention the nine elements of Bhakti: first is shravanam, that is hearing, listening. Listening to the good news: divine arrangement exists and love is the way. The beautiful stories and teachings about the Lord’s presence are very beneficial for the soul. But to listen only is not enough. By proper listening we shall be able to reciprocate the lesson that we have learned. That is kirtanam – to glorify the Lord. So don’t be satisfied only by listening about Him, find a way to glorify Him. Be an active principle; not only a passive receiver, but an active person to vibrate. Because it is said: if you can explain something, then you really know it. Of course, it is also said that those who know, they don’t tell; those who half know, they explain; and those who don’t know, they teach. I feel like this myself. I don’t know anything from this spiritual science, still I try to repeat what I have heard from my masters.

And if we have listened and if we have glorified – then we shall remember. If you have experience, if you have a taste, you will always remember that. In this way, step by step, all the different departments of our body are used in this divine connection. Your ear, your tongue, your mind, etc.

And finally the ninth principle – just to give it short – ninth principle is self dedication, dedication of the self. To put it very simply – that you do everything with your affection. Not in an official way, not in obligatory way, but with heart and soul. This is what we want to learn from our superiors – how they love God and how to adjust that to our lives.

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