Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 24.06.2017 evening, Sofia)

I’d like to greet everyone on this International Day of Yoga! Usually people celebrate that once per year. But we are fortunate enough to celebrate that every day. Yoga is a fashion – in one sense that is good. But as the different aspects of fashion are always changing, coming and going, this will also pass. We are surprised that yoga, as a spiritual cultivation, is main-stream – that’s good. But we shall not be surprised if this fashion goes. Because for us yoga, divine connection, is not a question of fashion. Whether it is fashionable or not – we follow. We want to be connected.

There are so many schools and techniques of yoga. We have different instruments to establish connection with divinity. Let’s read something concerning this.

The lotus as a flower is a great symbol. This is a symbol of purity. Also the lotus flower is a divine sign, signifying the different divine personalities.

Brahma has a special connection to the lotus flower – he is sitting on the cosmic flower itself. And whether a lotus flower is closed or it is open, it symbolizes the different phases of creation.

Lord Buddha has a very special connection to the lotus flowers. After He had His enlightenment under a bodhi tree, He started to make His steps moving out of His deep meditation and in the wake of His steps lotus flowers were springing up.

And also our Krishna is connected deeply with the lotus flowers. His feet are like lotus flowers; and when He is playing, He has a lotus flower in His hand. What does it mean? That the whole creation is in His hand, just like a plaything.

You know, in our tradition the lotus feet are like an emblematic ideal – the lotus feet of God, the lotus feet of a pure devotee. And what happens if you observe your feet? You see some cactus feet. Lotus or cactus, a flower – a flower, but a little difference is there.

But also there is another lotus that we all have. It’s here in the bosom – the lotus throne of your heart. We should create and purify this place in our body-mind complex, so that the Divine Couple can take this throne. Radhika is very sensitive, She is picking only the best places. She is sensitive about the companions. If the throne of your heart is occupied by witches, She doesn’t come. What are these two witches? Material desires and the desire for moksha. Then She doesn’t come. Then you have to be satisfied with your material ambitions, worship them on the throne of your lotus heart; or you should be satisfied with a simple liberation. It’s an insignificant perfection, right?

Raghunath das Goswami said: “So far somehow we were killing time, trying to search for perfection.” You see – killing time by search of perfection! What a concept! “But this is over! Without Your mercy, Radhika, I cannot tolerate one moment!” This is his meditation. Killing time with perfection, with liberation, with mukti… But that’s over! We want the mercy – now!

And ‘now” – this is a mantra. I was observing this in one devotional family. There the kid said: “I want this – now!” Now! So, with the father and mother we always joke: “Now!” This is the ultimate mantra. Not tomorrow, not later on, not in the future – no, I want it now! And then what can the father say? “All right, my son, I will do it for you, I will give it to you.” You have no excuse, you cannot escape. Because ‘I want now!’

This desire, even in a kid, comes from the spiritual sky, comes from the line of Raghunath das Goswami. ‘Enough of perfection! Enough of liberation! I’ve had enough of your boring moksha! Give me Your grace!’ So in that mood we have to purify the lotus of the heart as a throne, so that the best concepts and the best divine presence can take that place.

(to be continued)


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