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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, May 2013, Sofia)
Question of Yamuna: Maharaj, you were reciting before the mantra three times, and actually one of our main practices is chanting the mantra – just constant repetition of the same mantra. I’ve heard that some people seem to be bothered by the idea of repeating one and the same thing for many times. Because here in Bulgaria there is a proverb that “Repetition is a mother of remembrance and a father of dullness”. You know it’s a popular theory that people want to climb up a spiral, they don’t want to circulate. What would you say to somebody who is worried and does not see a progress in repeating too much the same thing?
Swami Tirtha: The maha-mantra is a prayer, plus a meditation formula. As we discussed, there is a short piece of music and there is music as a principle, music as something spiritual. By playing the piece we touch the original, we bring the original, we connect to the original. In the same way by reciting your mantra, by telling, repeating your prayer we connect to the original Naam, we connect to the original spiritual substance. 
Yet, as this is a very subtle and very secret method of meditation, simple repetition, empty mechanical repetition will not help. We have to add all our attention, we have to add all our heart and soul to these prayers. If you love someone, do you like to repeat his or her name? Naturally, we like to remember him, we like to call him, we like to speak to him. In the same way, to repeat God’s names is a conversation with Him. And especially the saints who had been studying the science of mantras and the science of meditation, they say that from repetition perfection will come. Therefore following their advice we have to try to repeat our mantras with attention and dedication. So, it’s not only the quantity, but also the quality, and then you don’t go around in a circle, but you dance in a circle. You see the big difference? It’s not a forced path, but an empowered dance. Although we repeat the same words, so to say, the same form, yet if you fill it up with more and more emotions, more and more deeper understanding, it will bring different results. 
And if somebody says that by repeating, you will get nowhere and you should stop repeating the same thing, just ask them: “How many times you have been eating in this lifetime? You repeat this practice so many times per day! Is it not boring for you?“ “No, breakfast is never boring! It’s impossible! Give me more, give me more!” So, so many times we repeat things, yet we find new and new pleasure there. Why do you think that by repeating the names of God you will not find new and new taste? 


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