Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Question of Dragi: Is it possible through buddhi-yoga a man to see the future in a mystical way, to penetrate into the future?

Tirtha Maharaj: Yes, it is possible, but may be in a different way than you think. Because it is said that the yogis can attain to that platform trikalagya – the three phases of time they will know. That means – the past, the present and the future. The devotees are also trikalagya. They also know the past, the present and the future. How? Our divine vision is our scriptures. So you can see the future, you can see the secrets through the mystic eye, third eye, you can read the Akasha Chronicles through the mystic experience, or you can read it through the shastra chakshus, read it with the “eyes of the shastra”. This is our divine vision – shastra. There are histories, there are predictions,

And you know, the vision of a devotee is distorted. His understanding is distorted by priti, by affection. So whatever future we see, it is a distorted future. Our vision is surcharged with affection. But this distorted vision can create miracles. Do you understand?

Let us take an example: the vision of a pure devotee – is that objective? For example, you go and meet a pure devotee – is his vision about you objective? No! Far from it! It is absolutely non objective. Because from an objective point of view you should make a list: pros 1,2,3; cons 99, 100… This is objectivity. But a pure devotee does not have such a vision. He does not see the bad qualities in you, he sees only good qualities. So his vision is distorted, non-objective, but powerful enough to make you good, to change you. This is the mystic power of our pure devotees, of our masters – that they have a vision of us, and it is far from our present reality, but they see our future! They do not check our past, they see our future. And by their trust they give us so much power, that we can build the picture what they see. So I think this is a mystical way to see the future. And if we are pure enough then we can channel the powers, the energy to grow up to that future, to that picture.

But in one sense we should be very sad about the future of the world. Because the material world is a historically sinking ship. It will go down, finish, disappear. Still we can dance a little bit on board. So this is our mystic vision about the future: a sinking ship with some dancers on board. Happy dancers.

It is possible to have visions about the future. And the past also. You can use intelligence, buddhi-yoga, and you can use your priti to see the future, to see any mystic secret revealed. Purify your vision, purify your existence andKrishna will give you the vision. Whatever is necessary He will give to you.

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