Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from lecture of B.K.Tirtha Maharaj, 25.02.2007, Sofia)

To provide the transfer from one state of consciousness to another there must be some instrument, and this instrument is the spiritual authority. We have discussed the processes – like falling asleep and being awake. Then what is the process of spiritual awakening? How do you call it? This is called initiation. What is initiation? What is your opinion, what is initiation?
Yashoda: Second birth.
Hari-lila: It is only expressing an intention for something.
Ramvijay: This is a spiritual invitation for dance.
Kripadham: First step to surrender.
Prema-lata: If somebody is accepted in a specific circle.
Tirtha Maharaj: Yes… My definition is: the only chance. Initiation is the only chance. Only chance in what sense? And – initiation into what?! From one nightmare to another? From one stupidity to a greater one? Or – into some secrets. Or – as you said – to invite, accept somebody in a school to study, to learn something. To start spiritual progress, and not to finish it. Sometimes people’s consciousness is so much limited and so much conditioned, that they can remove that conditioning only by a stronger conditioning. If you are an addict, you can change only to another addiction. You carry your shadow with you. Before you were fanatics for some bad habits, now you become fanatics for some dogmas. Same. The method is the same. Well, the topic is a little different, but the method is the same. Is that real initiation? From one nightmare – to another one? No. Real initiation means the beginning of enlightenment. Therefore this is the only chance.
The authorities give a definition that initiation is like exercising a miracle. To make miracles happen.
But there are so many resources of miracles. Usually we think that miracles happen when our desires are fulfilled. “I have got this good job – this is a miracle! Oh, I had met this beautiful girl – another nightmare… oh no, not a nightmare – another miracle!” But you know, there is one special animal which is called kama-dhenu. “Dhenu” is cow, and “kama” is desire. So kama-dhenu is a special type of animal; she can give unlimited milk. You can see that in the ancient traditional culture the cow was precious until it was living, alive, because then it could produce milk, it could give calves – so they kept it alive. Now times have changed and some people think that a cow is good if we finish her life. Anyway, kama-dhenu can produce unlimited quantities of milk. So if you have desires for best food-stuffs like milk, ghee, cheese and others, then you must have a kama-dhenu. But you know, kama-dhenus are not running up and down in the mountains. And a kama-dhenu is a little bit limited, because it gives only milk. But we have such a long list of desires, so we are not fulfilled with one kama-dhenu.
So according to the spiritual biology we walk around the forest and we try to find some other species – this is kalpa-vriksha, the wish-fulfilling tree. It is better, it can fulfill different types of desires. You remember the classical story that one empty-bellied beggar felt so tired and exhausted, that he just wanted to take some rest under the shade of one tree. And he said: “Oh! I am so thirsty! I want water!” Immediately some water appeared. He thought: “This is very interesting! May be it is a miracle coming to me.” He took the water, then he said: “Water is nice, but belly is empty. I am so hungry! I wish some foodstuffs would be here.” Then all of a sudden a big plate of prasadam appeared in front of him. He started to eat and fulfilled himself. Then he understood: “Oh, I am sitting under a wish-fulfilling tree, quite good! That was a good choice.” He said: “Now I am satisfied, but that would be so nice if somebody give me a massage..” So, soon servants, family, animals, houses – everything was sooner or later coming and coming, and he was growing like anything. Finally he was feeling like a king. And he said: “Now I am so strong that I could fight even a tiger!” Of course, immediately the tiger manifested under the tree.
So, a desire tree is better than kama-dhenu, it can satisfy different desires. But next time you make your excursion on the Vitosha and sit under a tree – stop before the tiger.
There is one more source of miracles, and this source is the chintamani stone. The chintamani stone is very special, this is a touch-stone. Whatever it touches, if it touches iron, it turns into gold. This is best! By gold you can get everything what you want. And this is not limited – unlimited quantity you can produce. There is only one limitation of the chintamani stone – it cannot produce another chintamani. This is its shortcoming.
Therefore if you want to be awakened spiritually, do not go to kama-dhenu, do not sit under kalpa-vriksha, do not be satisfied with chintamani stones. Because these will not fulfill your desire for miracles. For spiritual transformation we need a spiritual chintamani stone. And a pure devotee is not limited – he can create another pure devotee. Therefore we are searching for the company of pure saints, who can convert our rusty iron mentality into a golden heart; who are representing the spiritual truths so substantially, that we start to believe that miracles do exist.
Initiation means that transformation. Actually the initiation is a process, by which the guru provides spiritual knowledge to the disciple. And spiritual knowledge means that you acquire, you gain power over your soul, spiritual entity. You acquire your atman, your self-identity. And devotional service means, that you fully surrender with this controlled self. Guru gives divine knowledge – how to understand ourselves, how to control ourselves. And also shows how to surrender with that acquired self.
Therefore this chance is a great chance for us. We should grab the opportunity. If we are offered a great opportunity, but we misuse it, if we do not take advantage – then we are fools.
Initiation means that we should come closer and closer to the ideals of the master. And by the divine arrangement every sincere seeker will find protection. Still I suggest everyone to examine yourselves before jumping if you are really capable of doing this. And when you feel: “Yes, I’m capable”, then do not jump! But when you feel: “No, I’m totally unqualified,” then throw yourself into the dust of the lotus feet of your spiritual master. Because to feel unqualified – this is the qualification. But beware – do not disqualify yourself! Because that is a different case.
It is said: “Maybe the miracle is not a reality, but reality is a miracle.” That simple reality that we have – this is a miracle! Even that! But only if we see the divine touch.

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