Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha




Question of Yamuna: It’s a kind of provocative question, Maharaj, but still I would like to know the answer. Usually one of the aspects which attracted me for example to Hindu teachings was exactly the karma teaching, because it is a kind of giving explanation to many questions of “why”. Because one would like to know why certain things are as they are since they seem unjust. So, karma gives some feeling of justice.

Tirtha Maharaj: Yes.

Yamuna: But actually this explanation which gives inner peace is not real, exactly because karma is anadi. So, every time when we want to know something “why”, we turn back to the past, we say: something in the past happened. But the truth is that it is like a postponing the answer because there is not ultimate beginning.

Tirtha Maharaj: Correct, in one sense it is correct.

Yamuna: So, this means there is not ultimate answer if it is anadi. There is not ultimate reference where we can go back, so this feeling of “there is an explanation” is rather subjective, but not objective. So, it’s a kind of illusion.

Tirtha Maharaj: Yes, and what is the question?

Yamuna: Can you comment on these illusory explanations, which are not real explanations.

Tirtha Maharaj: Yes, sure. Very good question. You touched two very important things here. One was tracing back our present situation to the past. Something has happened yesterday, and something has happened in the previous lifetime, etc. You can go back to the past practically never-endingly. But why karma is called anadi, because, you know, the karmic patterns were existing before this period of the creation. It is said that Brahma creates again, and again, and again the Universes according to the Vedic mantras. It is just like the creative formulas, or the word of creation – by this song vibration again and again it manifests. Logos is an active principle; sound vibration is an active principle. And the code is preserved in the Vedic science. And the karmic patterns existed before, so they survived the previous cycle, they were preserved, and when the new cycle starts, from these preserved karmic patterns the jivas are supplied. But of course it applies only to the limited circles of creation, not the original. This is only for the secondary creations, the manvantaras. And the srishthi – great creation, first creation; and pralaya – the ultimate dissolution – it’s a little different.

Therefore we cannot trace karma, we cannot find the original cord. So, if you want to trace your present back to the past, it’s oblivion. Therefore if we want to understand our present situation, let’s not look back, let’s look forward. This is very important, because it’s not only the past that will determine us, this is our future that will bring us to the light. And if we identify ourselves according to this principle, it is much better. Because you cannot change your past, but you can decide your future.

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