Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha



In the shastras we have stories that for example Bhrigu Muni was testing the demigods. So he offended everybody he met, because he wanted to test them– Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu also. He offended Shiva by thoughts. He offended Brahma by words, not giving proper respect. But Vishnu he offended by kicking! And what was the reaction of Lord Vishnu? He said: “O, I hope you did not hurt your feet!” He was kicking Lord Vishnu and His main concern was: “O, may be you hurt your leg?” And then all the rishi munis came to the conclusion: “Yes, Vishnu is the highest”, because he was not offended.

Bhrigu Muni offended Shiva by thinking: “Hey, this Shiva has such strange habits – smearing with ashes the body and all these mystical things…it’s little ugly!” Only little feelings. Shiva immediately was offended, he was almost ready to finish with him. Then when Bhrigu Muni met Father Brahma, he offended by not giving proper respect, by words he offended. Of course Brahma was also offended: “Hey my son, I’m senior, I’m your father, how is it that you don’t give proper respect – this is what I told you?!” But he was a little bit more mild in his reaction. Lord Vishnu was so tender in His reaction, that His main concern was the good condition of Bhrigu Muni’s feet.

How can we learn real humility? By following the example of a pure devotee. This is the best way to learn real humility.

Once I was serving together with a devotee for two months. And when I had to say “good bye”, he was giving me an advice. He said: “The entrance key to the divine realm is humility. Take this message with you!”

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