Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

In the song “Shad-goswami-ashtaka” the places, visited by the goswamis, are mentioned in a reversed order. First is mentioned Radha Kunda; then Yamuna; and then Vamshi Vata. Usually we should approach opposite direction. First you understand what is Vamshi Vata, then you come to the bank of the Yamuna, and may be after some lifetimes we come to Radha Kunda. This is your way, this is your sequence. And what is the goswamis’ sequence? They start form Radha Kunda. And in order to capture you, they come back, so to say they go “down” to Vamshi Vata. Of course, Vamshi Vata is very high!

I think we were discussing what is Vamshi Vata? No?! How is it possible?! Then how can we discuss Radha Kunda, if we did not discuss Vamshi Vata? What is the meaning of the name Vamshi Vata? “Vata” is a tree. And “vamshi”? Vamshi, vamshuli, venu, murali is flute. So this is the flute tree, or you can say: the tree of the flute. This is not far from the Gopishvara Mahadeva temple. Mahadeva is Shiva. Shiva is protecting the dhama – only for authorized persons. First you offer prayers and ask the blessings of Gopishvara – Shiva; and then you can enter the dhama. That also means that he is standing outside, at the door, but protecting what is inside. And just a few steps away from this temple, there is the Vamshi Vata tree and temple. During Krishna’s time this tree was there already and after some time, of course, the tree was broken, but one branch was put again into the earth and now this branch is just growing. So somehow the same tree is preserved. This temple is surrounded by a wall. This was the place, where Krishna was playing the flute to invite the gopis. So this is only the invitation. Still, on the wall they have a picture of the rasa dance: one Krishna – one gopi – one Krishna – one gopi: all over. And the pujari every morning brings a big picture of the rasa dance out from the temple and places it under one tree. Under the other tree there is something very sweet. There are little figures like this – the gopalas sitting in one circle and eating their breakfast in the company of Krishna. And the floor of this temple – yard actually, it is open – is paved with marble. What do you think, what is the color of the stones? Black and white, yes. This is a very beautiful place for japa meditation; you just go around and you have the full absorption. As I was walking around there, I could see some little silver drops in the stones. I was thinking: “What is this?” I am not a geographer or a geologist. If I was, I would say: “Well, you know, this is a kind of metal pieces inside the stone” and give a scientific explanation. But I think, in Vrindavana nobody would be satisfied with a scientific explanation – analyzing the chemical substance of the stone… So finally I came to the conclusion, that these must be the teardrops of the gopis, who are dancing with Krishna, waiting forKrishna.

In Vrindavana you cannot escape realizations. Even if you want, it is not possible. This is Vamshi Vata – whereKrishnaextends invitation for you. And then you can go further to Yamuna and to Radha Kunda. But this is far away, so let’s stay in Vamshi Vata.

*  Dhama – land, abode


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