Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha



The inner progress, inner development has a very difficult element – you have to face yourself, so that to understand all our realities, so to say. It is a very complicated feeling, difficult feeling, but it will help our inner progress. If we practice humility, it will elevate us. If you make yourself low, you will be raised. This is a very simple formula we should practice. We have to face ourselves because we cannot hide behind the back of others. We cannot quote on others, we cannot rely on others. We have to face ourselves, we have to face our faith, we have to face our God. Of course, this is very beneficial if we have some support. And we have support. But depending on our understanding we perceive this support in a different way. We can perceive the world in such a way that is given to us. Either this is our limitations, our gunas, or this is mercy, that is extended to us – it will limit our ability to perceive life. Show me all the beauty – this should be our prayer. Then this inner progress, the correct vision will come.

Be blessed, go on with your services, forget about yourselves – then you will be more satisfied.

Yashoda: How can we do this – first to face ourselves and then forget ourselves at the same time?

Tirtha Maharaj: Well, do not forget your mistakes or shortcomings. Keep it in mind. And that is enough to face yourself.

But facing ourselves can also mean a very special type of egotism. I am concerned with my mistakes. I meditate on my shortcomings. If we overestimate or underestimate ourselves – this is also mistake.

Facing yourself means that you are your best friend. Your good friend is always with you, gives honest opinion, is your best critic. And we have to be very aware what is going on. If we are aware of our activities, influences, responses, that means that we face ourselves, that we are able to examine ourselves from the outside.

The next step, how to forget about ourselves – this is a question of dedication. If we have given ourselves – no rights anymore. Shrila Shridhara Maharaj many times says: “All rights are reserved – by Krishna.”

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