Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Tell me an occasion when somebody could see everything in Krishna? How to see everything in Krishna? By motherly love. But Yashoda was angry, right? She was not worshiping Krishna as God Supreme, she was not worshiping Him theoretically: “Ah, I understand that God is supreme and good, therefore I see everything inside Him.” No, she was angry. But that spiritual anger helps the rasa to grow. And there is somebody, who helps in this respect: like Balarama and other gopas and gopies: they always create some arrangement for Krishna to manifest something divine. In this way also Balarama was complaining to Yashoda, He accused Krishna that He was eating earth. This news was given to mother Yashoda and immediately she called Krishna: “I heard that you are eating earth. This is dangerous to your health.” And Krishna immediately started to play His tricks: “No, I did not!” And started to cry – to break the mother’s heart and to prove His word.

But Yashoda did not believe the tears. Just imagine: the mother of God does not believe in God. She does not accept His word. This is the basis of faith – to accept the words of God. What kind of faith did she have?! “I don’t trust you, I don’t believe you!” Very intensive connection. When you are so close, that you can say “no” to God. “No, I don’t believe you. You are always mischievous, I will check. Show me your mouth!” And Krishna was very much ready to offer this option to mother Yashoda. Because this is a divine loving connection, to prove Himself. Mother Yashoda wanted to prove that Krishna was cheating, and Krishna wanted to prove that “I am not cheating.” Who was right? Krishna opened the mouth and mother Yashoda saw the whole Earth in His mouth. Like eating up the whole earth, Earth planet – not only some little dust, but the whole earth. And she saw much more – the whole Universe; even herself.

So if you want to see everything inside Krishna, you should say “no” to Him. “No, I don’t believe You! No, I don’t accept Your word.” If you can come so close, if your eye is anointed with the oil of prema, then you will be able to see this. If you say “no” to Krishna on a regular basis as your conditioning, it will not provide this connection. So we have to be very careful what to accept from this Krishna and what not to accept. Because first in everything we have to see His presence; and then we can see everything inside Him. If you have this universal, divine vision, then you will understand that everything is included. Nothing is outside of His desire. Whatever happens is … not predestined, but pre-thought by Krishna. He has all the options in His great mind and heart. Just like when you play chess. Good chess players know the different paths and alternatives for many, many steps ahead. And they know: “if he will move like this, then this is the line; if he moves like that, then this is the direction we have to go.” In the same way, Krishna has all the different options in His heart and mind. You can make your move. You have the freedom to move the white and black – again this is Krishna consciousness – to move your figures. But He knows how to react. What is His move, we have to understand.

To see everywhere Krishna, the touch of His divine presence in the creation, to see the beauty all around, to see the harmony – in disharmony and in ugliness also… And then to see everything as included in Krishna. You think of Krishna in your heart, but this heart is also included in Krishna. So, how to put something inside, which is outside? This is a paradox! To put inside a box something, that is including the box. But this paradox can be broken, opened up or resolved by divine love.

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