Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

We should be attached to our most tasty, most satisfying taste, where our heart is hankering after. And at the same time we should respect everybody and see the good in others. Do not say that: “He is only a yogi.” Because basically there are two types of people. What are these? Devotees and future devotees. Usually people use to say that there are two types of people: one, the demon, and the other – bhakta. Or if somebody is more gentle he says: bhakta and materialist, karmi. But you should adjust your vision. There are the devotees and there are the future devotees. I think this is the right vision. Because just imagine, if you enter into a group and you feel that: “O, I’m the materialist here, I’m treated here as a demon,” it does not give you good feelings, right? But if you feel: “O, I’m accepted here as a friend, I’m accepted here as a member of the family, a member of the group” – that gives different feelings. This is more merciful.


Try to forget about these expressions: “demon, karmi, materialist” or like this. If you speak too much of this, you will find the world is full of demons and materialists. It will just condition your mind, your thinking. But if you speak and if you think about: “O, everybody is a devotee, everything is so nice,” then the world will adjust. And this is not some mental fantasy, but the power of the vaishnavas is very strong. And Krishna can provide such a place for them as they want. If you want to enjoy hellish circumstances, Krishna can give you immediately – full of demons and everything. But if you want to enjoy some spiritual company and harmony, then Krishna can provide that also. According to your desires. Whatever you like. “What do you like, My son? I can give you everything.”


Even if there are some problems, even if there is some fight between the devotees, the subject and the object is still Krishna. They are fighting for Krishna. They are fighting for devotional service.


Many people miss the target. I have met many Christians, who have Satan consciousness. They always say: “O, this is a trick of Satan!” They are always thinking of that. In many cases they are not appreciating the blessings of Jesus Christ, but they are afraid of Satan – this is Satan Consciousness. And even if you enter the vaishnava life, you might have maya consciousness. “O, this is maya, I’m so afraid…” – this is maya consciousness – “He has this maya, she has that maya”. You are not concerned with Krishna, you are concerned with maya. Or even if you try to examine: “O, I have this mistake, O, I have that bad habit, I’m so bad…” – this is again “I, me, mine”, again egoism. “I am so bad.” If you meditate on your being bad, this is not Krishna consciousness, this is bad consciousness. We should focus our attention on Him! Because only by thinking about our shortcomings, we will not be purified. It will only strengthen our fallen position if you meditate only on this: “I’m so fallen.” Like the frog. The frog is just falling on the ground and he says: “Yes, here I am – fallen, fallen completely.” If the frog meditates only on that, it cannot jump. Right? “I’m so fallen like this, I’m so fallen like that…” Everybody knows that this is reality. But do not forget, if you fall onto the ground, that will be the basis of your start again. That will keep you up. We should realize that we need help, what is our present position, and we should start.


So, do not have demon consciousness, do not have maya consciousness – have Krishna consciousness.

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