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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha




(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 5.09.2015 evening, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Friday) 

Finally Devaki conceived with Krishna. And this happened in a very, very unusual way. Because first this divine appearance conceived in the mind of the father, Vasudeva. His mind, his consciousness became illuminated by the divine presence – like a bright aura he had. So, please, my dear fellow brothers, if you want to be a father – first illumination! First the divine conception should happen in your consciousness. Well, I cannot promise that you will bring a divine son. But at least, you are illuminated. Of course, a son or a daughter is a gift of God. They say that every birth of a new baby proves that God hasn’t given up the hope in humanity. If some new souls come to this planet Earth that means God has a hope.

So, the first thing happened in the consciousness of Vasudeva, he became illuminated by divine wisdom, power, presence. Then all of a sudden this divine spark was projected into his wife. She also became like immersed, pervaded by this divine presence. This is very, very special – finally, after such a long time their spiritual desire fulfills. They wanted to invite Krishna as their beloved son. They had to go through this very difficult tapasya by their own will previously; and in this lifetime they were forced to take the trouble by the circumstances. Yet, they never gave up the hope that they will meet their beloved Supreme Lord as their child.

‘Conception’ has two meanings: one is like a concept, you understand the concept. And the other is to conceive a child, conception.

And when the moment came for Krishna’s appearance, although there was so much trouble in the universe, on the planet Earth also, everything started to change. Krishna appeared on the eight day after the full moon – so, it was decreasing. On the full moon day Baladev came and Krishna came on a decreasing moon day. But it is said, that this incomplete moon started to be like full. So, even the constellations started to change. And all auspicious signs started to happen around. This shows that even nature wanted to serve the divine lila of appearing on this planet Earth. If the purpose of the demigods is to help Krishna’s mission, the nature also helps Krishna’s mission. And I have to tell you personally that this is one of the most charming moments of this whole event for me – that even the unanimated beings, even the natural set up starts to change because they want to serve. Therefore my prayer is: if this willingness to serve will arise in my heart, maybe I will also change! Do you want to serve, to help this divine plan to manifest on this planet Earth? Yes! Then let’s expose ourselves to be changed – so that the personal, private miracle happens over us. Do you want to be part of this miracle? Yes, please, come!

Religion means proper adjustment. Religion is not a blind faith. It’s not a social habit or some national tradition. No, religion means proper adjustment. And you see, even nature started to adjust to the divine will. This is our hope – that if we have the willingness to join this divine service, the change will happen in us also.

And then finally Krishna appeared. After this divine illumination in the father and then sharing this divine presence with the mother, He appeared. He appeared in all His divine splendor – with four arms, beautiful decorations, crown and this and that. Isn’t that a surprise for a mother? ‘What happened? That’s unusual birth! Four arms! Maybe my son is deformed.’ Yes, He is not normal, He is extra normal.

Just imagine that moment when divinity touches the human world. We can hardly cross to the spiritual realm, but He can come as He likes. We celebrate Krishna’s appearance day once per year, but actually we have to touch the same experience day by day. We have to establish that connection, we have to experience that connection day by day.

Vasudeva and Devaki, these very determined and divine couple, had this desire to invite God as their child. And they did this very severe sacrifice to achieve their goal. It is said that sacrifice is the way to achieve your spiritual goals. Their commitment, their meditation and tapasya happened very long, long time ago – when people were more able to perform such challenging tasks. Today we don’t really have the abilities to perform such a strong sacrifice. Nevertheless sacrifice is the way. What kind of sacrifice can we offer? A yagya, sankirtan-yagya. Kirtan is glorification, sam means together. So glorify together. But also sam means samyak, perfection. So, the perfection of kirtan is chanting the holy names. The perfection of aradhanam, the perfection of service, worship – this is the sankirtan.

So if we want to invite Krishna to appear in our life, then I humbly invite you to join the yagya, the sacrifice – to glorify the Supreme Lord and His beloved ones through chanting. Because whatever perfection people could achieve in previous ages by rituals or worship or meditation, this is freely available through chanting the holy names in this age. We shall bath our Lord in the milk of our life and in the butter of our love. This is the essence that we can give. This makes my life complete and I never give up the hope that He will come and embrace me.


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