Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

хармония и хаос

(continues from the previous issues)

Question of Krishna Priya: Because some cruel events are coming to me in all their brutal details, in order to pacify somehow my mind because it disturbs me a lot, I have just to accept that the law of karma is acting and that’s it? And that’s the will of Krishna, that the law of karma acts like this?

Tirtha Maharaj: Well, we can say that the law of karma is functioning under some divine supervision, but we cannot say that the suffering of the living entities this is a determined will of God, that it is a desire of God. No way. But, you know, this is a critical point for many people: “If God exists and if He is good, why there is a war? “, or “Why I got diseased?” Many people give up their religious practices and official registration in the church, because there was a war or there was a mishap on the material platform. And this is a very difficult theological problem – the origin of sin, origin of suffering. “If God is good, how can He give you suffering?” It is a good question. What is your answer?

Krishna Priya: Not that He is giving us the suffering, but we ourselves are creating the sufferings for us.

Giridhari: I will go back to your previous lecture and my opinion is that God easily and readily is giving us sufferings with the feeling of a parent, who gives a bitter pill to His child, because this is what the child needs. The story with the coal and the diamond.

Tirtha Maharaj: Yes, after fifty we are allowed to have this opinion. Before that we need a lighter story, more romantic. That is true – the suffering is not directly coming from God, because our God… of course He also gives some pain, but that is different, that is sweet. But the world of illusion, action – reaction, is under this rule “whatever you give – you will receive”.

Do you know what the chaos theory is? The chaos theory says that: “very little impact – very big results”. This is called a chaos theory, of course in a very condensed way. So, if we make a little mistake at the beginning, then we will reach bigger and greater, and more expansive reactions. This chaos theory works on the material platform, but it works in a positive sense also: “a little you chant and you will be happy, extremely happy”. So, little spiritual efforts – big results. Because what is the chaos down here – like illusion, like a big chaos – this is a reflection of the original. If we see the real chaos, that is a divine magic. Here it is a deep well of illusion, there it is the highest essential lila.

So, actually sin and suffering and mistakes and torture, this is due to human contribution. And this is the theological answer of this very problematic question. Because in one sense, we are co-creators. For the human beings our Lord has given rights and responsibilities. But if we want to practice and enjoy only the rights, without the responsibilities, it will not work – then the reactions will come. If we exercise our rights according to His supervision, according to His consent, no problem – no reaction. But if we use only the rights without the responsibilities, then this is our creation, so to say. We create the trouble, due to ignorance, due to rebel’s mood. And actually, the Hungarians are very rebellious. What about the Bulgarians?

Krishna Priya: The Bulgarians are big rebels by discussing politics in the public transport. Only that level is our rebellionship.

Tirtha Maharaj: I don’t think so. You are a fighter nation, you are good fighters.


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