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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 7.09.2015 morning, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Friday) 

Question of Paramananda: Could you please help us to understand how can we be able to make the distinction between direct and indirect knowledge? Because sometimes the inspiration is whispering with a very soft voice. While what we experience with our senses from the world is very loudly imposing on us.

Swami Tirtha: Yes. There are three kinds of basic help for humanity today. One is the sacred tradition, the second is the polished and refined intelligence and the third one is the inspiration. Actually these are the paths to reach some reliable results. Therefore it is very much recommended to belong to a sacred tradition, to a school. Because they preserve the ancient knowledge and conclusions. Human intelligence is a very powerful instrument, but as it’s been mainly misused for the last 500 years, the results are not so favorable. Right, 80-90% of human intellectual capacities are used for military purposes. This is a misuse of intellect and therefore we see so many bad reactions in the world. But the proper use of intellect is a help. And the third way is inspiration, which is very underdeveloped these days. Intuitive capacities of human beings are very much underdeveloped, they are in decrease. It looks like in ancient times people were more able to use this capacity properly, but not so much in this time. Therefore this direct knowledge through inspiration or intuition – we should be also careful about that. As we are not in an advanced stage of consciousness, therefore this might be also distorted.

Then what to do? Let’s try to combine these three elements. If we commit ourselves to a spiritual school, to a spiritual sacred tradition, use our intellect properly, and slowly, slowly we purify the heart and consciousness so much, that the intuition might happen properly – then we can trust more and more our direct perception. Actually direct perception is always started from the other side, from the divine side – because it reveals. Our job is only to purify the screen, so that this divine revelation is reflected nicely in our consciousness.

But here was the second element of this list – the intellect. Usually men are cursed by intellect, knowledge, brain. We, men, always try to explain and analyze things. Usually ladies don’t analyze, but they know. They have this intuitive capacity more. Usually they come to right conclusions without too much analysis. I mean, without this intellectual dissection of the situation and then finally being lost in all the details – because this is our way.

So, we men, we are usually cursed by our intellect. Too much brain, especially concerning spiritual topics, doesn’t really help. Therefore, of course, as it is a gift of God to have some clear understanding, we have to use it properly. Therefore we have to become knowledgeable first. It is said in the shastras also: “First become like a wise man, knowledgeable. And then become like a child.” The child doesn’t think, the child feels. This is his or her approach to the world. Until we start to become spiritually intellectual, it’s a long path. But to cross beyond intelligence – this is the real task. If we can cross the limitations of the intellect, then we can enter the realm of mysticism. And mysticism means revelation. Such a person is able to perceive revelation, mystic experience. It’s not mystic data or mystic knowledge, it’s mystic revelation. Therefore we have to follow the example of Shrila Shridhar Maharaj, who was a very intelligent person. And he said: “Now I understood I have to use all my intellect to understand where its limit is and then go beyond that.”

So, direct knowledge means the ability to perceive the revelation.

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