Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

We cannot say that only by traversing the same path we can achieve the same result. Because one may say: “O, you do not know, because you do not practice. You are not a father, you cannot know.” Half it is true. But I have a story from the other side.


Once a yogi was meditating in a jungle – very deeply, sitting perfectly. But in the forests, in the jungles, there are birds flying here and there. One little bird was just sitting over the head of the yogi on a branch. You know, birds are passing stool from time to time. And what happened? Some drop appeared on the head of the yogi. Immediately his deep meditation was disturbed. Peace immediately disappeared from his mind. He said: “What kind of bird you are?! This is an aparadhа!” But as he was disturbed, his meditation broken, he said: “All right, may be I can go to the village to beg for some food.” He went to the village and approached one house. There behind the entrance was second entrance and he was knocking. A lady came and said; “O sadhuji! I аm very happy that you came. How can I serve you?” He said: “O mother, can you give me some food?” “Yes, yes, I аm coming, I will just bring you something immediately.” She entered, but immediately at that time the husband also came. So she had to serve the husband and then the children came and she started to do the household duties. She was fully engaged and forgot about the yogi. Our yogi was waiting at the entrance. Waiting and waiting and his anger was just growing. He said: “They neglect me so much! I am a sadhu! I came here to bless them and they neglect me so much! O, what is happening here?! These people are in a very fallen condition.” But then the lady remembered: “Oh…! Our sadhu is here and I forgot!” and immediately she brought some nice food. Then he said: “You offended me. You are very low class. I am a high yogi, I am a sadhu! You do not know anything! You are an ordinary household person.” And then the lady said: “And what about that little bird? Do not think that because you are a yogi and are meditating  whole day long, I do not have powers to see!”


So we should not think, that the same result could be achieved only in one path. If you meditate a lot, you can have the same experience. You do not have to become a blood father to have many children. And you do not have to become a sannyasi to practice renunciation. We should grab the essence. Different ways, different practices can give you the same results of vision, of realization, of sharing deep feelings, sympathy with others.

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