Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Shrila Prabhupad once said that a pure devotee is all-powerful. This is just like a blasphemy against God. Because usually we say God is omnipotent. How can you say that a pure devotee also is omnipotent? But by surrender he will become a full representative of God. Just like iron put into fire have the same quality. If you fully surrender to Krishna, then you can represent Him complete. And this is the eye of a devotee, that can perceive: “O! He is my master!” Sometimes this is very fast this recognition, other times it takes some time – but whenever it comes, fortune in our life starts.

What is the best glorification of the spiritual master? This is your life – if you follow the advice, the instructions. I don’t say that “follow the example”, because what the guru can carry may be just crushes you. So don’t follow the example, but follow the instruction – this is more safe for you. But through this divine and loving connection if we come closer and closer to Gurudev, then a very unusual spiritual phenomena will come. The more you surrender, Gurudev will be able to use you more, better. Because whatever a spiritual master cannot accomplish himself, he will accomplish it through the disciples. But only the surrendered disciples.

The love inside the heart of the spiritual master is so strong, that it will follow you, it will not let you go. It will not let you down. Even if sometimes the instruction is very difficult, very heavy – this is for your progress, for your benefit.

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