Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from lecture of B.K.Tirtha Maharaj, 25 of May 2006, Sofia)
There IS a goal for human life. And that is not suffering, that is not losing our way in the labyrinth of material existence; that is not wasting our time with useless activities, but to liberate our consciousness from contamination and to open up the feelings of our hearts towards the loving God.
Human being means – according to the face of God. We had read in the Bible that God created man according to His face. The same is mentioned in the “Shrimad Bhagavatam”, one of the holly scriptures of India: that from among all the different spices of living entities, humans are the residential place for God. That means: God lives in the human beings – also; in His place and in the human beings. That also means that your bodies are just like temples, because a temple is house for God, especially built for him. But our bodies are naturally built for Him. So that is the spiritual use of our body – if we use it for the worship. Used for the worship of God and used for the benefit of yourself.
Of course, if a house is dedicated to someone, it has some consequences. Because then we should be more and more conscious about that – that my body, my activities, my thoughts, my words also belong to Him. And if I’m conscious about that, if I’m aware of this situation – I cannot be bad, I cannot be a bad person. Because if God is there and He is with me, then I have to behave in a very nice manner. Just like when you think that you are alone – this time you think that well, I can do these little things, no problem, nobody sees. But when you have company, then you behave in a better way. In the same way if we are aware that you are EVER connected to God, Krishna, then first of all we should intentionally behave in a proper manner. First intentionally; then – naturally. The change between these two is the purification process.
Use all your resources for a higher purpose. If you have money – use it for a good purpose. If you have body – use it for a divine purpose – self-realization. If you have some senses – use it for being purified. If you have any talents – use it for the glorification of God. Whatever you have got, offer it back to Him. Because we have got – finally – our body, our talents, our everything from Him. So this is the best way to spiritualize – if we establish the contact between us and Him.

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