Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Gurudev: For suffering, when giving pain there must be two sides: One who is giving, the other who is accepting. Let’s take the example whether you can hurt somebody or not.


You can hurt only a puffed up person. So if somebody is humble, you cannot hurt that person. You say: “You are a fool number 1”, he says: “Yes! This is my position, what can I do?” You cannot really hurt – a humble person you cannot hurt. Because the recipient is so qualified, therefore even if you come with some bad intention, it will not have any effect. In the same way, if you think that somebody wants to give you suffering, become such a qualified recipient, that nobody can touch you! Anything so called “wrong” is coming to you – you should have the capacity to digest it. And then there is no harm, no hurt.


I agree, we are talking about a theory. But if we don’t agree on the points of theory, then how can we put them into practice? If somebody kicks you – what is your reaction? Because kicking is his business. But reaction is your business. What is your answer to that offence? If you take it as an offence, that means your ego is still strong. But if you can say really “thanks’” from your heart: “O, I’m happy to understand more about life, how it works”, then this is a higher level. And when you didn’t even realize that something is coming to you – this is the highest level. After a certain limit BAD starts to become non-existent.


Ram Vijay: Gurudev, I DO see an exception from what you say! I think the most humble person still can be offended if you offend those, whom he loves. You hurt somebody by not respecting his beloved.


Gurudev: That’s true. I accept. That is very painful! But let’s put it in the positive way, what you said. If you want to please somebody, then treat very nice those, whom he loves. The positive version is: if you want to please somebody, just treat very nice his beloveds. Very simple and practical advice.

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