Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Once the disciples of Shrila Prabhupad asked him: “Prabhupad, how can we make you happy? By bringing you more money? Selling more books? Opening more temples?” He said: “No… If you progress nicely, if you become pure devotees of Krishna. Then I will be satisfied.”

Because guru is just like fire. And you cannot buy the guru with your money, with your service, with your this and that. Only with your love. Only with your commitment. Only with your dedication. And this is the power of the devotee to catch the guru. Then the guru can’t resist. If your dedication is so great… but you remember the story of Lokanath Gosvami and Narottam das Thakur.

Narottam das Thakur was a very determined young man. And he decided: I have to find my spiritual master. He went to Vrindavana and there immediately he located his guru. This was Lokanath Gosvami. Lokanath Gosvami is considered the seventh Gosvami of Vrindavana. Many, many holly places were identified by him. But he was tyagi, deeply absorbed in his bhajan, he was not dealing with other people too much. So this prospective young man was approaching Lokanath Gosvami: “O Maharaj! You are so great! You are so powerful! I want to become your disciple!” “Get out of here! Don’t disturb me!” Then again he said: “No, no, no, you are the greatest in Vrindavana. My life is useless without you, without your mercy – so please!” Then Lokanath wanted to escape in a different way, he said: “No, no, no, I’m not qualified. Please, go to the others, they can help you.” But Narottam was very determined: “No, no, no, I cannot imagine anybody else as my spiritual master – you are! I want to serve you!” Discussion was going on and finally Lokanath Gosvami said: “Ahhh… you know… do what you like! I don’t mind!” Narottam was very happy: „O, Gurudev blessed me! I can serve him! He permitted! I can do whatever I like!”

But, you know, Lokanath was very renounced person, it was impossible to serve him. So then the troubles of Narottam began – how can I serve my master? And finally he decided: “He doesn’t need my service, nor this, not that… but may be I can clean his toilet.” Of course in Vrindavan at that time toilet was not located in one place. People were using nature. But Narottam very happily, after his Gurudev was finished with his necessities, was completely putting everything nice in order. And Lokanath Gosvami did not understand at first what’s happening. But after some time he understood that “hey, something is happening here, what is it?” So next time he was hiding in the bushes. And what did he see? Young Narottam, coming with bucket in the hand, singing “Hare Krishna Hare Ram!” – coming to clean! So he was furious, he was jumping out of the bushes: “What are you doing, you rascal!?” “Gurudev, I only want to serve you somehow.” “Get out of here! I made a vow never to accept any disciples!”

Narottam’s heart was broken. But he said: “It doesn’t matter, may be next life… I’m his eternal servant. I should do something about this.” And Lokanath was very strong in this respect. All of a sudden his friends and the other Goswamis and devotees started to approach him. And everybody started to make a campaign on behalf of Narottam. They say: “O, Lokanathji, you are so nice, you are so gentle. Here is this Narottam, he is such a nice devotee, why don’t you give your mercy.” “No, you know, I’m not concerned with these things, you are my seniors, you do this.” But finally after some debate they convinced him at least to give him a darshan. And then Narottam told that: “Gurudev, I’m your eternal servant.” And Lokanath said: “Yes my boy, may be this is your opinion, but you know – I made a vow not to accept anybody!” But then Narottam said: “But Gurudev, I also made a vow – you will be my spiritual master.” And then finally Lokanath Gosvami had to submit. He said: “All right, go down to the Yamuna, take bath and then come back.”

So, Lokanath Gosvami took ONE disciple. Narottam das took 60 000 disciples. So what kind of disciple you want? And what kind of guru you want? You should decide it for yourself.

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