Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Question of Yamuna: Actually, we always expect the results; it is inevitable. When I make a step, I expect to be able to step, not to stumble. At the same time it is said that the wise is not attached. But our devotional philosophy has the higher vision that wiser are those, who are attached to  divinity. Is it not  a possibility to escape from this kind of being non-wise, if we are attached to the results, if we change our vision about the results? For example, we say: do your best and leave the rest. So, if we can modify our vision towards actions and results in such a way that we do our best, but we see the result as a response and gift by God, in this way we can find our joy also and our relationship with Him…

Tirtha Maharaj: Yes, I agree; but if He does not give the results, we should also be happy and satisfied. This is the point. Because if we are satisfied only when the mercy comes according to our taste, this is selfish. But if you are satisfied if the mercy is coming according to His taste, then you are wise.

There is a spiritual equation, formula: attachment will bring suffering; love will bring happiness. Being attached is sweet. Being non-attached is neutral. But being attached to the divine is amrita! This is the divine nectar of immortality. Therefore I fully agree that we should go beyond our material attachments and come to the divine attachment platform.

Yamuna: Maharaj, is it a blasphemy to think that what happens to us in this life is lila, and part of the divine lila?

Tirtha Maharaj: Well, it depends on the level of surrender. A fully surrendered pure devotee is part of the divine lila, no doubt. But those, who are not fully surrendered, they will meet fear, they will experience fear. And that is not lila. Still, I think we should not equate the human, earthly suffering with the divine lila; this is different. Because that can be a major mistake – when we try to pull down the divine, the divinity on the human and worldly platform. In this way we forget that God is not only immanent (hiding in the things), but also transcendent. Yet, if you want to bring closer your life and divine life, I suggest: surrender more and more.

Question: If we want to decide to correct our mistakes and behavior, this might be also an attachment to the results. How can we distinguish between solutions of illusion, illusory solutions – or the real solutions, the divine inspiration?

Tirtha Maharaj: We have a proverb: from one bucket to jump to another bucket – this is not a solution. But usually we understand it later: ah, this is the same bucket. But then it is too late. Yet, at least after we understand that this was not the real solution. But the real question was: how to avoid this situation: jumping from one bucket to the other. The answer is very simple: go to a wise man, who will give you trouble. Of course, this is not only a joke. To have such a deep conviction that I will follow the instruction even against all my feelings, all my knowledge, all my hopes – that is very rare. Those, who can do it, will not only survive, but they will win.


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