Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

If you want to know how to serve Krishna … after long, long, long journey finally, just imagine, you meet Krishnaface to face. You have your “Bhagavatam” under your arm. Can you enter Goloka Vrindavan with “Bhagavatam” under your arm? And you see a very unique person – bluish color, flute in hand, very nice dhoti – small boy with a calf – and all of a sudden you do not remember what you have learned on the lectures. Gurudev mentioned something, but who is this? Something is there, it is very important, let us check in the book. Kesava? Yes, the beautiful hair is there. Madhava? Yes, He is very rich with the prasadam in the hands. Govinda? Yeah, He takes care of the brahmins. Gopal? Yeah, He takes care of the cows. This must be my Lord!!! Yes, I identified Him. It is Him. Shyamasundar – bluish and beautiful. It is Him. And then you ask: “O, my Lord! I am very happy to meet You.” He says: “My pleasure, my dear. What do you want?” „Well, my Gurudev said that Your service is very nice so I want to join, I want to learn about Your service. I have understood that You are the Supreme Lord, the omnipotent and all-knowing Godhead, so I want to serve You. Tell me the secrets of Your service. “ And then the all-knowing God says: “I don’t know. I know nothing about My service. But there is a solution. If you want to know this – go to the Goddess, She knows something.” So the Black will help you to come to the Bright, and the Bright will help you to come to the Black. This is one type of devotee. The other type of devotee… but this is very secret. Should I tell that?

Kripadham: Yes, Gurudev, yes!

Tirtha Maharaj: Yes! Now you say yes. When there is some service…

The other type approaches Vrindavana, knocks on the door, if there is any door in Vrindavan, and he is meeting different personalities, here and there – servants, dancers, garland makers, boys – but he is not concerned with the boys – there are girls, he is concerned with the girls. And from all the millions especially beautiful charming and more than celestial young ladies, he is searching for the special One. But this type of devotee has no shastra under his armpit. The truths are written in his heart and when he identifies he knows – this is my place. And immediately understands from the bright shine of that Superlady. “Yes, She is my mistress.” And without any question, without any hesitation, just throws himself in the dust to be engaged in Her service.

Because there are two types of devotees – one is a Krishnabhakta and one is a Radha bhakta. Sometimes devotees due to some special lila on this planet earth they compete in numbers, in followers, in influence, rasa. But what do you think? Which group is larger in numbers? Which group is richer? Which group is more rasik? Decide for yourself.

But do not forget – according to your practice you will achieve perfection. If we practice laziness and stupidity while in sadhana-deha, practitioner’s body, we will achieve that perfection – you die and you achieve permanent condition like that. You can achieve the perfection of stupidity, but if we cultivate this very essential divine love while we are here and we have it as our main ideal, we will reach that. Therefore it is good to have two Lords – one God and one Goddess. Plus, we are extra fortunate for two reasons: because we have our Govinda Radha in a unified form GoRa – the shortest way to divine ecstasy – plus we have someone to tell us about this. Therefore we worship our masters as the most intimate servants of the Divine Couple. Because black, white – it is so complicated to choose from. But my Gurudev I see. One person – with my limited brain I can understand and say “yes”.

Kripadham:  Why the devotee of Krishna has shastra under his armpit and that of Radha not?

Tirtha Maharaj: BecauseKrishna is described in the “Bhagavatam” and Radha is not described.

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