Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 08.01.2017 evening, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Monday)

So, Rama and the army could cross to Shri Lanka, liberate Sita and then again They united. But what is the meaning of this story? In this case Sita Devi is the beauty and love. As we agreed, if the ladies look into the mirror, they see the beauty. And in this story Rama is the intellect. So if the intellect and the emotions are separate, it’s a big-big tragedy. This is 2/3 of the story of Ramayana – intellect and emotions are separate. But when they are united again – full happiness comes.

May I have a suggestion? Thank you! Let’s discuss nuclear physics for some time. I’m sure you are all well informed in this topic. So, what is the system of the A-bomb? It’s not very complicated – when the reactions start to separate the atomic particles. This is the system of the A-bomb. So much energy is released it’s just incredible, it’s a very powerful weapon. That means the separation of the particles brings a lot of energy. But there is another weapon – this is the H-bomb. What is the system of this bomb? It is much more powerful, because it doesn’t work on the separation principle, it works on uniting the particles.

Therefore these principles of physics – like separation of the particles and unification of the particles – release energy. It is the same we perceive in our emotional life. What happens if you are separated from your beloved ones? A lot of painful energy comes. And what happens if you are united again with your beloved ones? A higher type of blissful energy comes. You see, the same principle applies in spiritual matters. If we are separated from God Supreme, it’s very painful. But if we find our way back home back to Godhead, we reach a higher level of energy. Divine bliss will come.

Therefore the separation of intellect and emotions – Rama and Sita separate – is very painful. And so much energy is released that Rama is empowered to liberate Sita. He can fight evil, He can overcome death even – because once He dies during the battle, but He can overcome death. And when They unite again, this higher synthesis comes. This should be achieved in our own life – so that our intellect and our emotions are in harmony. This is called ‘The Twin-Heart Meditation’. But what is the practical meaning? Sometimes we have to intellectualize our heart and other times we have to emotionalize our brain. To put it very simple: be wise in your love and be loving in your wisdom.

Therefore we are ready to repeat and chant and glorify the name of Rama. Rama – in this way you can cross the ocean of nescience.

And you see, if you pay attention on the lectures, you become an accomplished nuclear physicist. It’s very useful. Separation and union – these are the only two interesting things in spiritual life.

(to be continued)

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