Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha



(from lecture of B.K.Tirtha Maharaj, 3 of September 2006, Sofia)
We have to be faithful to Him – it’s another practice in Krishna Bhakti, to be loyal to Krishna. You wouldn’t like a servant, who is going here and there. Right? But you appreciate such a servant, who is very faithful. Against all the troubles and all the difficulties he is ready to serve. So being faithful is a chance – for a disciple for example, or for a worshiper of Krishna – to show his gratitude. And how can we express our gratitude to our master? By being faithful to him. “I’m your eternal servant. From today on I’m yours.”
Then we can ask: why this Krishna?! There are so many options – like Lord Jesus, or Shiva, or this, or that… why exactly Krishna? Because He is charming young boy, holding His flute? Well, it’s not a bad approach, because He is definitely charming. But if we have only this superficial charm, that’s not deep enough.
But what does He say in the “Shrimad Bhagavatam”? He says: “Before creation I was existing and except Me there was NOTHING else – neither manifest nor unmanifest, nor anything beyond this. What you see now in this manifest universe is also Me. And what will remain after pralaya, after the annihilation will always be Me.” So – before creation, during creation and after destruction – what is there, what remains, this is Him. This is one reason why we worship Krishna – because He IS ultimate, He is ultimate existence. We consider Him as the ultimate source of the existence – sarva karana karanam – the cause of all causes.
“And you should know, – He tells to Brahma – that anything that seems to be real is nothing else but My illusory power.” Illusion works in two ways. One way is when illusion shows an unreal thing to be real – this is when it just misguides us. The other function is when it covers the truth. Whenever you see this, whenever you perceive this you should know: aha, this is His power, not independent from the Lord.
And then finally He concludes: “Those who search atma gyana should inquire in all circumstances all the time in all the places about the Supreme Absolute Truth.” So therefore we should carry on this search – search for divine hidden and obviously beautiful Lord.
So if we ask “Why Krishna?” – for this reason. He is the source, He is the cause, He is the maintainer, and He is the charming beauty of our life.
Any other explanation why Krishna? That is tattva; give me rasa. Why Krishna? Because Radhika loves Him.

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