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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha




(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, May 2013, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Friday) 

Question: How do you know about all these statements that you gave? Only because you’ve been reading a lot or do you have your own experience? In short – are you enlightened?

Swami Tirtha: That’s my business. But my masters are.

Comment: I am still not convinced that you are realized regarding the topics you discuss. It rather sounds like commentaries of things read.

Swami Tirtha: Actually you are right, it is proper to investigate. You don’t have to believe or accept everything that you hear. So, I am very happy that you have the power to think. But whether I have realized something or not – it doesn’t change your position. Because you also have to search for your enlightenment. So, think twice. If these words make some good sense, or give you some inspiration – then go ahead, try to find your inner satisfaction. Maybe here, maybe in some other place, it doesn’t matter. We all belong to the Supreme. I don’t want to make a narrow-minded propaganda, as we came together to discuss something divine. But we all have to find our way out from this labyrinth of material existence. And in case we find some brothers and helpers in this endeavor, we are very fortunate. So, if you help me to realize deeper or to find the truth, I will be very grateful for that. Because we are all servants, we are all searchers – you and me, and all of us – we are the same in that respect. We are all progressing on our respective paths, but there is something that unites us – we are all human beings. We take this experience right now and we have the ability to think, to reflect upon ourselves, the world and the Supreme. And you are correct – it’s an incredible endeavor to express the inexpressible, to speak about the unspeakable, to reach God. It’s so great, it’s so much beyond any capacities that we have. Actually this is the greatest chance in our human life – that we might come in contact with the truth. So, therefore we have to search. Please, help me to find it.

Answer: If I have the chance, I will.

Swami Tirtha: Thank you! But whether I have realized something or not – again I repeat, it’s my business. Because we all have to find our private liberation and enlightenment ourselves. I cannot reach your perfection instead of you. My spiritual master cannot reach my realization, I have to work for it. He gives, but I have to receive. Therefore my achievements or non-achievements don’t mean that you cannot achieve. But you have to search. We all have to search.

Comment: It’s actually because you are considered as a spiritual guide, so this is a proper question to ask. Because among the teachers there are two kinds: with power, or without power.

Swami Tirtha: I am powerless .

Giridhari: Maharaj, I’m sorry, but I feel offended to witness such a scene. A guest is trying to compare the spiritual master to whomever may be. I haven’t come here because you are so strong and so clever, but because I need what you give me. I personally wouldn’t follow a spiritual master who is very strong, but uses his power to oppress his disciples…

Swami Tirtha: No, no, no, please… No problem! Simple questions are good. Complicated questions are better. Challenges are best. Why? Because then you can see who is who and what is what. So, I am very satisfied. We must provide a freedom of opinion. At least up to a certain limit. Because this is very important! Therefore we have to investigate it. It’s a very big question: to what should we dedicate our life? Whose advise to take? It’s very important. Of course you have to see what it is. I am very satisfied with it. And if the master is satisfied, then all the students are satisfied. It’s very easy. Because when the devotees are satisfied, then the master is also satisfied. This is the way how to make everybody more and more satisfied. This is our competition. I want to make you spiritually satisfied, not materially happy – it’s different. And you have to work for the spiritual fulfillment and satisfaction of your masters – and not only one, but all. And if everybody is working for the success of others, then it’s real success. Because usually what happens in a material sphere – everybody is working for his own success. And people do achieve some success. But it doesn’t make them satisfied. Aber Leben ist schwierig – but life is difficult. So, therefore we have to come and we have to act on a different platform – when we want to serve the others, when we want to help the fulfillment of others. This is a divine principle. We are not working for our own satisfaction and happiness, we are working for the others. At least be selfless. At least! But this is better than knowledge, this is better than meditation.[1] So, dedicating our activities for service mood, for helping others, being useful for others, for serving God Supreme, etc. – this is good and spiritual.

I have learned from my master that all questions are good. Especially if they concern the ultimate benefit of humanity.

(to be continued)


[1] Bhagavad Gita 12.12


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