Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 20.06.2017 evening, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Monday)

Question of Tejasvini: Gurudev, you were explaining to us the name of Krishna. But can we hear about the name of Radharani?

Swami Tirtha: All right! So, krish-na – these are two syllables; ra-dha – two syllables. What was the result of Krishna’s ‘ra’? That was the maintenance and protection; it was connected to Vishnu and the knowledge of the Vedas. So what is the conclusion of the Vedas? The Vedas and the Puranas and Ramayana and everything from the beginning, in the middle and in the end actually glorify the Supreme Lord – this is the topic. And the essence of this glorification is divine service.

So, the first part of Radhika’s name, ‘ra’ means that simply by pronouncing this sound – devotion, bhakti, and liberation, mukti, will become your gifts. “Ra!” – I think it’s enough! Is any other sound necessary? Liberation and devotion – what else is there?!?

Dha’ is also there; what is the meaning of ‘dha’? Ra-dha. If you add ‘dha’ at the end, you will reach Lord Hari’s kingdom. Ra-dha – you will be liberated, you will be devotional and you will reach the divine destination.

So if you say ‘Radha’, that means you achieve your final destination and if you say ‘Krishna’, that means the happiness of existence, the bliss of existence. Radha-Krishna prana mora yugala- kishora/ jivane marane gati aro nahi mora[1] – “Whether I live or die, Radha and Krishna, You are my treasure, You are my life.”

Therefore please, go on chanting Their names. Radhika and Govinda can help us, we can also worship Them. I think this is what we have learned during these last days: start from yoga, continue with bhakti and ultimately reach prema, divine love.

For all those who are present, for those who are not present already and for all those who are going to come, the divine plans are most probably ready. Worship has started before we joined; now we are included in this service; and probably worship will continue after we pass away. Therefore simply we only have to do something nice while we are here.

[1] A couplet of Narottam das Thakur’s song

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