Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(continues from the previous issue)


So, Mahaprabhu received His very grave initiation. Sannyasa means that you die for the world and you are born again for God. And if you start a new life it is best to go to a holy place. Mahaprabhu immediately entered a trance-like state. He wanted to run immediately to Vrindavana to meet His belovedKrishna and Radha there. And devotees around Him saw that He is in a dangerous state of mind, so they thought: “Better we misguide Him a little. Because Vrindavana is very far fromBengal, it is really far. He cannot go this entire long road. Better we kidnap Him.” Therefore it was written that Nityananda Prabhu told Him: “This is not theGanges, this is Yamuna.” In this way He did not want to disturb too much Mahaprabhu’s ecstasy, because Mahaprabhu felt: “Ah, I am running to Vrindavana to meet My beloved Lord. And finally what happened after few days of madly running? He came to Advaita Acharya’s house! But Mahaprabhu knew that Advaita was not living in Vrindavana, he was living in Shantipur. Shantipur – the city of peace. But Mahaprabhu was not peaceful. He was very upset: “How is it that You are here, in Vrindavana, my dear Advaita?” Then Advaita said: “Well, actually this is Shantipur.” Then Mahaprabhu was very upset: “How could you divert Me from My original destination here to Shantipur?!” And then a beautiful answer came from the devotees: “Wherever You are this is Vrindavana.”

Wherever You are this is Vrindavana. You have Mahaprabhu in the Sofiaashram, right? That is Vrindavana! Even if we don’t see, even if we don’t perceive, still this is a divine place. And we should act like this.

So, this was just one very famous event from Mahaprabhu’s life. And again this story tells us a lot. There is a desire from God: “I want to go to this place”, but what happens? By the desire of the devotees that plan is just canceled. Something else happens. But still it helps the whole event to evolve nicely.

And never forget: “Wherever You are this is Vrindavana.” Therefore we should be so pure, so dedicated and desperate in our service, in our longing so thatKrishnaor Mahaprabhu comes and turns our heart into Vrindavana.

Today we have to finish our meetings here in Trigrad. But I wish that this mood should continue. Well, I am not sure that for the next twenty years we can come and spend one week here in Trigrad, just like the devotees lived in Mahaprabhu’s presence in Puri. What to speak of spending half a year here in Trigrad – per year! But I think we shall have something to remember. Now our mood is tuned, our batteries are surcharged, so we can go back to our respective places, cultivate dedication in our hearts, go on with the services and wait for the next occasion to meet again and associate.

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