Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 30.09.2017 morning, Sofia)

We came here together for a Vyasa-puja celebration. I hope you don’t have the illusion that you will be able to celebrate a person, an individual, because we came together to celebrate a divine tattva, a divine principle. Nevertheless you might ask: “But how to celebrate a principle? What is a principle? It sounds so theoretical.” And you are correct, a principle usually is theoretical. But don’t forget, we are part of a mystic process. And mystic means – theory might become practice; a principle might become personal. And it is also true on our present stage of realization in our process: whatever seems like an inaccessibly high destination might become true for you, for us. Are you happy to be part of such a mystic process?

In most of the cases, for people in general God is a principle, an ideal, a power. Many say that this is like a purple haze. But if somebody would tell you that you are a purple haze, you will be offended: “No! I am a person! I am more!” So principles should turn into personalities.

Or a principle of dedication, of divine life – it’s nice. So many millions of people have started their career on this planet Earth to accomplish that goal. Because it’s so inviting, it’s so charming! How can we live without ideals!? It’s impossible. This is not life, this is only survival. Ideals will make us live properly. So this principle, divine life, is so inviting that we are ready to run to it. But we shouldn’t be satisfied to have a divine life on principle, to have a divine life theoretically. It’s not enough! We need to put it into practice, we have to realize that.

‘Realization’ again sounds very technical. But I think you understand what I mean: from the clouds – down to earth, here and now. And this is not a corruption, this is an upgrade of the present stage of life.

Where to find God? Where to find devotion as a living reality? History will say: search in the past. Mystery will say: search in the future. But love will say: here and now. Why wait for heaven, if we can have a taste for that here? Why wait for the next lifetime if you can accomplish now, today? And again, if we are not able to be spiritually happy today – when will the day come when you can do that? Because if you postpone: ‘Tomorrow I will be a good devotee’, that tomorrow never comes. That tomorrow should happen today, right now.

Guru for many people is a principle, a heavy principle. Because guru means ‘heavy’. Heavy in what sense? He is heavy like the Himalayas, you cannot shake him. However you try, you cannot – he is so strong, so firm, so established. Because guru is a principle, right? And how can you shake a principle? We can only approach a principle and we can admire a principle. We cannot corrupt a principle. The personal experience and the principle are different. Theory and practice are different.

Love in general for most people is again a principle – impossible to realize. And sometimes our experience is bitter. But should it compromise the principle of love? It’s impossible! The principle is always perfect. My understanding of that principle and my realization of that principle are partial, they’re limited; but divine reality is not limited.

So, if we return to the original point: guru for many people is a principle. And this is a divine principle. But as this is divine, therefore it is sensitive. It’s a very delicate principle. Is it good to have a spiritual master? Is it Bulgarian ‘yes’? And is it easy to have a spiritual master? You know, Indians have an advantage, because they can shake their head as they like and it will mean as you like – you read this body language according to your understanding. You see, such a refined culture! One gesture can mean anything. So it’s very delicate; same with the divine love principle, same with the guru principle – they are very delicate. One little signal can mean all. Therefore we came together to celebrate this principle – the guru-tattva. It’s so nice, so strong, so elevated! This is beyond human capacities – as it is divine.

(to be continued)

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