Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


It is not that first I renounce and then I dedicate myself, first I get the knowledge and then I dedicate myself. No, it is said in “Bhagavatam” whatever activity is performed for the sake of Krishna in this world, it is considered devotional service, and knowledge and renunciation will be natural product of that devotion. So first comes devotion, then comes tyaga and gyana, renunciation and knowledge. Bhakti is the mother and knowledge and renunciation are her two sons.

Once Bhakti Devi was travelling in Vrindavana. And she was very much amazed, because she had seen her sons almost dying. “How is this possible – she was amazed – that the son is dying before the mother?! I am so well, I am so healthy and my sons are just dying! What is happening?” Without bhakti, without devotion renunciation and knowledge are just drying up. Therefore devotion is first. If we have devotion, we shall gain knowledge; and automatically we can renounce.

But in the beginning devotees calculate: “Well, if I become a devotee, then I have to give up everything. It’s not a good business – give up everything and nothing is secure what I will get. All risk, no gain! This is stupid business.” We want everything secure – no risk, all gain.

But actually it works other way round: no risk – no gain. You have to be brave. Be brave with Krishna and then Krishna will be brave with you! But use your brain also. For example if you pray to Krishna – just like Kripadham’s mother mentioned yesterday that she way praying for some engagement. And now she has so many opportunities that it is too much. So if you ask from Krishna more service, don’t forget to ask the strength also to perform the service. Because Krishna fulfills all your desires. If you pray: “Give me more chance to preach”, you will have thousands of invitations to fulfill. But if you don’t ask for the strength, then you cannot fulfill this duty.

Once there was a devotee visiting India. And his service was that with a group of some devotees they were preparing some publications – this was normal duty, normal service for them. And this person was praying at the samadhi of Rupa Goswami – this is the burial place of Rupa Goswami: “You are the personification of shastra, please, give me more chance to do some service!” And same evening he received an e-mail and the other devotees informed: “Now it is your turn. We cannot do this publication service. Everything belongs to you.”

So with all my humility I would like to ask you to be careful with this Krishna.

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